Evolution Of Leonor De Borbon Starts On October 31

ByMike Paul

Oct 18, 2020

Leonor de Borbón turns 15 on October 31 In full adolescence the heiress has undergone a physical image and attitude change as has been demonstrated in recent months It is only necessary to review the images from a year ago when he first attended the awards ceremony that bears his name in Oviedo to appreciate the evolution The Princess of Asturias has not only abandoned children costumes and has released her first low heels but also is more calm and confident than ever in her public appearances always seeking the complicity of her father the King.

Another of the significant changes that has occurred in the last appearances of the Princess of Asturias has to do with protocol Now she sits to the right of the King and always walks beside or behind him Before she did it next to the Queen and with her sister Sofía who is now the one who stands next to her mother In this way her institutional role as heir to the throne is highlighted.

In her second year at the awards that bear her name Leonor de Borbón wore a beige cocktail dress with a beaded bodice and once again stepped on heels Her sister Sofía opted for a green twopiece Both like the rest of the attendees wore masks and kept the required distance Doña Sofía watched the ceremony from a box but before that she paraded with the Kings and their daughters on the blue carpet installed in the venue.

This year like in the past the princess had a conspiratorial gesture with her grandmother when she looked where she was when referring to the people “we love” In her speech she highlighted how she and her sister Sofía have learned a sense of responsibility from their parents.

In the last 12 months the Princess of Asturias has had a more leading role He has accompanied his parents in several official appointments and has participated in some initiatives related to the pandemic such as the message he sent to young people in which his sister was also Leonor has experienced firsthand the consequences of the pandemic A classmate at Nuestra Señora de los Rosales school.

suffered from the coronavirus and her entire class was confined only three days after the start of the school year After the pertinent quarantine and the corresponding tests the heiress returned to her school.

At its premiere last year at the Campoamor Theater Leonor was quite calm and sure when delivering her speech Queen Letizia revealed days before that date that the one who was most nervous was the King He had had that experience at the same age Leonor prepared her first intervention with the help of her mother who taught her to pause to emphasize some sentences and to look at someone when the text required.

This year to prepare his speech which lasts four minutes he has also had the help of his mother On Saturday during the delivery to the exemplary village in Somao he will also speak in public Every time he has had to pronounce a few words or read a text he has done so with great confidence and poise also doing it in English and Catalan when the occasion required it.

Leonor is studying the fourth year of Compulsory Secondary Education ESO She is a good student who in addition to the ordinary tasks of her school adds other activities and languages He speaks English very fluently as his father has recounted and is learning French.

She began to study Chinese and some Arabic but her parents want her to be familiar with the languages ​​of the Spanish state first As a child I already read stories in Catalan Leonor is a great reader who seems to be very interested in the Humanities but this year she has opted for Science subjects as her preferred subjects.

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