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Gamuda Land Collaborates with Alliance Bank to Enhance Community Ties and Create New Relationships for 2024

ByYasmeeta Oon

Feb 2, 2024

Gamuda Land Collaborates with Alliance Bank to Enhance Community Ties and Create New Relationships for 2024

In an innovative move to strengthen community bonds and foster new connections, Gamuda Land has teamed up with Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad in a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing community living and financial flexibility for Malaysians. This collaboration is a testament to both organizations’ commitment to community empowerment and sustainable development. Here’s an in-depth look at this partnership and its implications for communities across Malaysia.

Chu Wai Lune, CEO of Gamuda Land, and Gan Pai Li, Group Chief Consumer Banking Officer of Alliance Bank, shake hands during the MoU signing ceremony, marking the beginning of a strategic partnership dedicated to fostering community connections and empowerment through exclusive rewards and offerings. Photo by Gamuda Land
Building Stronger Communities Together

A Commitment to Community Empowerment

At the heart of this partnership is a shared vision between Gamuda Land and Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad to foster stronger community bonds and enhance the quality of life for residents within Gamuda Land’s developments. Recognizing the critical role of community in today’s society, this collaboration seeks to inject a renewed sense of neighborliness and spirit of togetherness across its townships.

Strategic Partnership Highlights

Under the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the synergy between Gamuda Land and Alliance Bank is set to offer unprecedented benefits to the communities they serve. This includes leveraging Alliance Bank credit card users’ rewards points for an array of offerings, such as Gamuda Land property vouchers and GL Play vouchers, which are redeemable for leisure and hospitality experiences.

Exclusive Benefits for Community Members

Leveraging Rewards for Family and Community Engagement

The partnership introduces an innovative way for credit card users to use their accumulated rewards points. Customers can now redeem their points for Gamuda Land property vouchers and GL Play vouchers, enabling them to enjoy leisure and hospitality tickets. These tickets offer access to family-friendly attractions like SplashMania Waterpark @ Gamuda Cove and FunPark @ Gamuda Luge Gardens, fostering family enjoyment and community interaction.

  • SplashMania Waterpark @ Gamuda Cove: Featuring 39 rides and Malaysia’s first Virtual Reality water slide.
  • FunPark @ Gamuda Luge Gardens: Home to Malaysia’s first Skyline Luge attraction.

A Catalyst for Community Building

Chu Wai Lune, CEO of Gamuda Land, emphasized the partnership’s role in placemaking—creating spaces that bring people together for shared experiences. This collaboration with Alliance Bank extends beyond transactional benefits, encouraging exploration and engagement within parks and wetlands, and fostering connections among neighbors.

Financial Flexibility for Homebuyers

An intriguing aspect of this partnership is the financial flexibility offered to Alliance Bank virtual credit card users. They can now manage their downpayment repayments with a 0% interest rate for 12 months on downpayments up to RM40,000 for any participating Gamuda Land property. This initiative is designed to ease the financial burden on homebuyers, making homeownership more accessible and stress-free.

Exclusive Perks and Celebratory Rewards

  • Chinese New Year Events: Alliance Bank customers can redeem exclusive goodies at Gamuda Land’s Chinese New Year events across various townships, enhancing the festive spirit and community engagement.
  • Special Mortgage Loan Offer: Gamuda Land customers applying for a mortgage loan with Alliance Bank will receive RM888.88 in Touch ‘N Go e-wallet credits, adding an extra incentive for prospective homeowners.

This partnership also allows customers to enjoy special rewards and discounts during Chinese New Year events hosted in Gamuda Land townships, further enriching the community experience.

A Vision for the Future

Reflecting on Community Values

Ms Gan Pai Li, Group Chief Consumer Banking Officer of Alliance Bank, shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its alignment with Alliance Bank’s commitment to community empowerment. By providing financial benefits and enhancing experiences at Gamuda Land’s attractions, the collaboration is poised to create vibrant, interconnected neighborhoods.

A Sustainable Model for Development

The partnership between Gamuda Land and Alliance Bank sets a precedent for how corporations can work together to deliver tangible benefits to communities. By focusing on placemaking and financial flexibility, this collaboration is not just about building homes but fostering environments where communities can thrive.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, the partnership between Gamuda Land and Alliance Bank promises to bring about a new era of community living, where connectivity, sustainability, and mutual support are at the forefront of development efforts. With exclusive benefits for community members and a strong emphasis on community engagement, this collaboration is a step towards creating more resilient and vibrant communities across Malaysia.

For more details on this transformative partnership and the benefits it brings to communities, visit Gamuda Land and Alliance Bank’s official websites.

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in community development and financial empowerment, offering a blueprint for how companies can collaborate to enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities alike.

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