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Decentralized AI Network Replaces CEO Just Days Before Token Launch

ByDayne Lee

Jun 10, 2024
Decentralized AI Network Replaces CEO Just Days Before Token Launch

Decentralized AI Network Replaces CEO Just Days Before Token Launch

Solana-based decentralized infrastructure provider, which facilitates the renting out of GPU power for financial gains, has announced a significant leadership change just two days before the launch of its native token. Ahmad Shadid, a co-founder and the CEO of, has stepped down “effective immediately,” with Tory Green, another co-founder and the former Chief Operating Officer, stepping into the CEO role.

Leadership Transition at a Crucial Moment

The timing of Shadid’s departure, coming so close to the launch of the IO token on Binance’s Launchpool, has raised eyebrows within the crypto community. Shadid addressed his resignation in a June 9 post on X, stating:

“While there have been allegations regarding my past, I want to emphasize that I am stepping down as CEO to allow to move forward without distraction and to focus on its growth and success.”

Shadid did not directly address the specific allegations, although there have been claims that he misled the community about the actual number of GPU chips available through Furthermore, the network experienced a significant setback on April 28 when a GPU metadata attack caused the number of active GPU connections to plummet from 600,000 to 10,000 temporarily.

CEO DepartureAhmad Shadid steps down; Tory Green takes over
Reason for DepartureAllegations and desire to avoid distraction for
Impacting FactorsAllegations about GPU count and a recent metadata attack

The Vision and Functionality of aggregates GPU resources to create a cost-effective network for machine learning startups. This decentralized AI project enables companies to access computing power at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional cloud services, making advanced computing more accessible and affordable.

Green, now leading the company, commented on the new phase for

“We remain unwavering in our mission to build the world’s largest decentralized AI compute network and expect to focus heavily on acquiring and retaining suppliers and onboarding new customers.”

Currently, has onboarded around 20,000 cluster-ready GPUs and is providing comprehensive AI inference and model training services to various AI-focused companies.

GPU AggregationAggregates GPU resources for cost-effective computing
Target AudienceMachine learning startups and AI companies
Current Capabilities20,000 cluster-ready GPUs for AI workloads Token Launch and Community Concerns

The IO token is set to launch on June 11 at 12:00 am UTC on Binance’s Launchpool, with an initial release of 95,000,000 IO tokens and a total maximum supply of 800,000,000 IO tokens. This launch represents a significant milestone for the platform, intended to catalyze further growth and development within the ecosystem.

Token NameDetails
IO Token Launch DateJune 11, 2024
Initial Release95,000,000 IO tokens
Maximum Supply800,000,000 IO tokens

However, Shadid’s abrupt departure has sparked speculation and concern among community members, with some fearing that Shadid might “dump” his IO tokens upon launch and then disappear. Addressing these concerns, Shadid clarified that his IO tokens are subject to a four-year lockup period, preventing any investor, advisor, or team member from selling their vested tokens until June 2025.

“[It’s] as shady as depin gets,” commented industry pundit badenglishtea to their 15,300 followers on X, reflecting the skepticism surrounding the timing of Shadid’s exit.

In response, Shadid assured that his departure was not an attempt to abandon the project but rather to prevent any potential distractions from impeding’s progress. He also announced his commitment to contribute one million IO tokens to the firm’s Internet of GPUs Foundation to support the ecosystem’s growth.

Community ConcernsDetails
SpeculationFears of potential “dumping” of IO tokens by Shadid
Response from ShadidTokens are locked up for four years, pledges to support ecosystem
Foundation ContributionOne million IO tokens to the Internet of GPUs Foundation

With the new leadership under Tory Green, is set to pursue its goal of becoming the leading decentralized AI compute network. Green emphasized that the token launch is just the beginning of a new growth phase for the network.

Additional leadership changes are expected to be announced soon, as the company continues to refine its strategic direction and enhance its operational capabilities.

“The token launch ushers in a new phase of growth for the network,” Green stated. “We will focus heavily on acquiring and retaining suppliers and onboarding new customers, ensuring we deliver on our mission to build the world’s largest decentralized AI compute network.”

Future FocusDetails
Growth StrategyFocus on supplier acquisition, customer onboarding
Leadership ChangesAdditional changes to be announced
Mission StatementBuild the world’s largest decentralized AI compute network

The departure of Ahmad Shadid as CEO just days before the IO token launch has certainly created ripples within the community. However, with Tory Green at the helm, the company is poised to continue its journey towards becoming a significant player in decentralized AI infrastructure. As navigates this transitional period, the upcoming token launch will be a critical milestone in its quest to redefine the landscape of AI compute resources.

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