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Google is reportedly developing innovative AI chatbots modeled after celebrities and influencers.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Jun 25, 2024

Google is reportedly developing innovative AI chatbots modeled after celebrities and influencers.

Google is reportedly developing new AI-powered chatbots modeled after celebrities and YouTube influencers, aiming to enhance user engagement with innovative virtual personalities. This move follows the footsteps of startups like and major tech companies such as Meta, both of which have launched similar products. Despite the resemblance to existing technologies, Google’s AI strategy remains unique and continues to evolve with new features and capabilities.

  • Initiative: AI-powered celebrity and influencer chatbots
  • Technology: Gemini family of large language models
  • Lead Executive: Ryan Germick
  • Potential Platform: Google Labs for experimental products

Google’s celebrity chatbots will leverage the Gemini family of large language models, as reported by The Information, which broke the story. These advanced models will allow the chatbots to exhibit sophisticated conversational abilities, closely mimicking the personalities and speech patterns of real celebrities and influencers. The company is actively seeking partnerships with prominent figures in the entertainment industry to bring these virtual personas to life.

A notable aspect of this initiative is a feature that will enable users to create their own personalized chatbots by simply describing their desired personalities and appearances. This concept mirrors a functionality already available on, a platform co-founded by former Google engineer Noam Shazeer. Shazeer, who played a crucial role in developing the “transformers” technology foundational to modern generative AI, brings significant expertise to this domain.

As of now, it remains unclear which celebrities or influencers Google might collaborate with for this project. Meta’s existing chatbots feature personalities such as TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, YouTube sensation Mr. Beast, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, football legend Tom Brady, and socialite Paris Hilton, among others., on the other hand, offers a diverse range of characters including politicians, philosophers, fictional entities, and even inanimate objects like a talking block of cheese.

The specifics of Google’s potential partnerships are still under wraps, but the inclusion of a wide variety of influential figures could significantly enhance the appeal and reach of these chatbots. Leading this initiative is Ryan Germick, a longtime Google executive known for his work on Google Doodles, along with a dedicated team of ten.

Comparison of AI Chatbot Platforms

Feature/PlatformGoogle (Planned)
Chatbot ModelsGemini family of LLMsVarious celebrity-based botsCustomizable AI characters
Influencer PartnershipsTBDCharli D’Amelio, Mr. Beast, Snoop Dogg, etc.Politicians, philosophers, fictional characters, etc.
Customizable ChatbotsYes (planned)NoYes
Platform AvailabilityGoogle Labs (experimental)Integrated across Meta website

Reports suggest that Google’s chatbot project might initially be an experiment, with potential deployment on Google Labs, the company’s platform for testing experimental products. This experimental nature indicates that the chatbots may not immediately be available to the broader public, allowing Google to refine the technology and gather user feedback before a wider release.

The rationale behind Google’s pursuit of this project is not entirely clear. Meta’s venture into AI chatbots based on celebrities has seen limited success. For instance, Meta’s chatbot modeled after Snoop Dogg has only 15,000 followers on Instagram, a stark contrast to the 87.5 million followers of the real-life rapper. This disparity raises questions about the efficacy and appeal of such virtual personalities in capturing and maintaining user interest.

Despite the uncertain outcomes, Google’s foray into AI-powered celebrity chatbots could have significant implications for its overall AI strategy. By integrating advanced language models and user-generated content features, Google aims to push the boundaries of interactive AI technology. The success of this initiative could pave the way for more personalized and engaging AI applications, influencing how users interact with digital platforms and services.

  • Google is developing AI chatbots based on celebrities and influencers.
  • The project utilizes the Gemini family of large language models.
  • Users may create custom chatbots by describing personalities and appearances.
  • The initiative is led by Ryan Germick and a team of ten.
  • Chatbots might initially appear on Google Labs for experimental purposes.

Google’s initiative to develop AI-powered chatbots based on celebrities and influencers represents a bold step in the evolution of interactive AI technologies. While the success of such endeavors remains to be seen, the project underscores Google’s commitment to innovation and user engagement. By leveraging advanced language models and exploring new partnerships, Google continues to expand its AI capabilities, potentially reshaping the future of digital interaction.

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