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Multiverse secures $27 million in funding for quantum computing software aimed at large language model giants.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Mar 8, 2024
Multiverse secures $27 million in funding for quantum computing software aimed at large language model giants.

Multiverse secures $27 million in funding for quantum computing software aimed at large language model giants.

In an era where the technological frontier is ever-expanding, the realm of quantum computing stands on the precipice of a breakthrough, promising to revolutionize industries with its unparalleled computational power. Despite the nascent stage of physical quantum computers in the commercial market, the industry’s intellectual pursuit, particularly in quantum computer science, is accelerating at a notable pace. This surge is evident in the financial and artificial intelligence sectors, where quantum principles are harnessed to navigate complex computations with newfound efficiency.

Pioneering the Quantum Revolution: Multiverse’s Strategic Expansion

In a significant stride toward materializing this potential, Multiverse Computing, a startup based in San Sebastian, Spain, has recently announced a successful equity funding round. Garnering €25 million ($27 million) led by Columbus Venture Partners, this infusion of capital propels Multiverse’s valuation to an impressive €100 million ($108 million). This financial milestone is earmarked for two pivotal objectives that underline the startup’s ambitious agenda: the expansion of its existing operations across various verticals, including manufacturing and finance, and a concerted effort to collaborate more intimately with AI companies focused on developing and managing large language models.

Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Expansion Across Verticals: Continued growth in sectors such as manufacturing and finance.
  • Collaboration with AI and LLMs: Enhanced partnerships to optimize large language model operations.

At the heart of Multiverse’s proposition is the principle of optimization, as articulated by CEO Enrique Lizaso Olmos. The burgeoning complexity and cost of computations pose a challenge that Multiverse aims to surmount. Through its innovative software platform, Singularity, Multiverse aspires to streamline and enhance the efficiency of complex modeling and predictive applications across a broad spectrum of industries, including finance, manufacturing, energy, cybersecurity, and defense.

Innovating for Efficiency: Singularity and CompactifAI

Singularity stands as a testament to Multiverse’s vision, offering a versatile solution that transcends industry boundaries to facilitate optimized computational processes. A more recent addition to Multiverse’s product suite is CompactifAI, a tool specifically designed to refine large language models (LLMs) by reducing the computational noise and accelerating output reliability through “quantum-inspired tensor networks.” Claiming to compress LLMs by over 80% without compromising accuracy, Multiverse sets a new benchmark for processing efficiency, potentially transforming the processor market and addressing one of the industry’s most pressing bottlenecks.

Key Product Innovations:

  • Singularity: A software platform for optimized computations across diverse sectors.
  • CompactifAI: A product aimed at enhancing large language model efficiency through significant compression rates.

The Genesis of Multiverse Computing: A Tale of Innovation and Ambition

The inception of Multiverse Computing traces back to a unique origin story, starting with a WhatsApp group discussion among visionary minds. Enrique Lizaso Olmos, alongside Roman Orus and Samuel Mugel, translated their curiosity about the application of quantum principles in finance into a scientific paper. This exploratory endeavor not only garnered attention at a Toronto conference but also ignited the spark for what would become Multiverse Computing. The fusion of Lizaso Olmos’s eclectic academic background and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his co-founders’ quantum software expertise, laid the foundation for a venture poised to redefine the technological landscape.

A Diverse Portfolio and a Bright Future Ahead

Since its inception, Multiverse has broadened its horizons beyond finance, attracting clients like Moody’s Analytics, Bosch, BASF, Iberdrola, Crédit Agricole, and BBVA. The startup’s emphasis on efficient computing resonates particularly with industrial and energy sectors, highlighting a growing trend towards sustainability in technological advancements.

The recent funding round not only included contributions from previous investors such as Quantonation Ventures but also introduced new backers like the European Innovation Council Fund, Redstone QAI Quantum Fund, and Indi Partners. This diverse consortium of supporters underscores the broad applicability and potential of Multiverse’s quantum and quantum-inspired solutions across sectors, including the burgeoning fields of life sciences and biotechnology.

Multiverse’s Strategic Vision

As Multiverse Computing embarks on this next phase of growth, its aspirations extend beyond its current success. The ambition to engage deeply with tech and AI companies reflects a strategic vision to position itself as a key player in the deep tech ecosystem. Competing with notable entities such as the Alphabet spinout Sandbox AQ, Quantum Motion, and Classiq, Multiverse is poised to make a significant impact.

Future Directions:

  • Engaging with deep tech and AI companies to optimize LLMs and other computational models.
  • Expanding into life sciences and biotechnology with quantum-inspired solutions.

In conclusion, Multiverse Computing’s recent funding achievement marks a significant milestone in the quantum computing landscape. With a clear focus on optimization and efficiency, Multiverse is not only advancing its existing operations but also setting the stage for transformative collaborations that could redefine the efficiency of computations in various sectors. As quantum computing continues to evolve, Multiverse Computing stands at the forefront, ready to lead the charge into this uncharted technological territory.

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