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Bending Spoons, Owner of Evernote and Meetup, Secures $155M in Equity Funding

ByHuey Yee Ong

Mar 10, 2024
Bending Spoons, Owner of Evernote and Meetup, Secures $155M in Equity Funding

Bending Spoons, a significant player in the tech industry known for owning widely used apps and services like Evernote and Meetup, has recently announced a substantial achievement in its funding journey. The company successfully raised $155 million through a new equity financing round, which has elevated its post-money valuation to an impressive $2.55 billion. This round was led by Durable Capital Partners, with continued support from existing investors, including prominent names like Baillie Gifford, Cox Enterprises, NB Renaissance, NUO Capital, and StarTIP, which is managed by Tamburi Investment Partners. This financial milestone is earmarked for an ambitious agenda: acquiring more brands to expand Bending Spoons’ portfolio and influence in the tech market.

Founded in Milan, Italy, Bending Spoons has quickly risen to prominence within the tech industry, not just for its innovative software solutions but also for its strategic acquisitions that have broadened its reach and capabilities. This recent financing round is a testament to the confidence that investors have in Bending Spoons’ growth trajectory and strategic vision.

Acquisition and Restructuring Efforts

Bending Spoons’ ambitious growth trajectory is marked by several strategic acquisitions and consequential restructuring efforts. Here are the key highlights:

  • Meetup Acquisition:
    • Acquired: Early in the year, marking the start of Bending Spoons’ expansion strategy.
    • Investment: CEO Luca Ferrari announced a $50 million investment into Meetup for future development.
    • Restructuring: Included moving the team to Europe and reducing the U.S. staff, though specific numbers were not disclosed.
  • Mosaic from IAC:
    • Acquired: Known for popular apps like Clime, Robokiller, and iTranslate.
    • Outcome: All 330 employees laid off, reflecting the challenges of corporate integration.
  • Evernote:
  • Filmic:
    • Acquired: A popular photo and video editing app in 2022.
    • Staff Impact: The entire Filmic staff was laid off, indicating the tough decisions involved in acquisitions.

Despite these challenges, Bending Spoons has continued to innovate and expand its product line, owning other successful brands like the video editor Splice and the AI-powered photo editor Remini. These products contribute to the company’s diverse offering in the tech space, catering to a wide range of consumer needs and preferences.

Financial Outlook and Future Aspirations

The company’s aggressive growth strategy and its recent funding round reflect a clear ambition: to not only dominate the app market but also to redefine it through strategic acquisitions and investments. With a projected $500 million in sales for the current year, Bending Spoons is on a path to significant financial and operational growth. This trajectory is indicative of a broader trend in the tech industry, where consolidation and strategic acquisitions are becoming increasingly common as companies seek to leverage synergies, diversify their offerings, and strengthen their market positions.

In conclusion, Bending Spoons’ latest equity financing round and its series of strategic acquisitions paint a picture of a company that is aggressively pursuing growth and market dominance. While its restructuring efforts and job cuts have raised questions about the human cost of rapid expansion, the company’s financial success and ambitious plans for the future suggest a strong belief in its strategic direction. As Bending Spoons continues to navigate the complexities of the tech industry, its actions will likely serve as a case study for corporate growth, restructuring, and the balance between expansion and operational efficiency in the digital age.

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