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Kolet Partners with Travel Giants to Offer Seamless eSIM Connectivity

ByHuey Yee Ong

Mar 15, 2024
Kolet Partners with Travel Giants to Offer Seamless eSIM Connectivity

Kolet Partners with Travel Giants to Offer Seamless eSIM Connectivity

Kolet, a new French startup, has emerged with a mission to demystify the complexities of staying connected while traveling. Founded by four veterans of the French tech ecosystem, Kolet is poised to change how travelers access and use eSIM technology. With a fresh injection of $5.5 million (€5 million) in funding from VC funds Daphni and 9900 Capital, and strategic partnerships with travel industry stalwarts, Kolet is set to make global roaming more accessible and straightforward than ever before.

The introduction of eSIM technology marked a significant advancement in telecommunications. It lets people change their phone carriers without needing to physically swap SIM cards. However, understanding and navigating the eSIM market can be challenging for many consumers.

Kolet is addressing this issue by offering travel eSIM cards that are straightforward and user-friendly. Their approach involves teaming up with travel companies to introduce Kolet’s eSIM solutions directly to consumers at the time of booking flights or accommodations. This makes it easier for travelers to grasp and use eSIM technology without confusion.

Once you’ve installed Kolet’s eSIM, you can easily recharge your plan within the app. Plans begin at €3.99 for 1GB in Europe, with a validity of 30 days. The startup also has revenue-sharing agreements with partners as shown below:

PartnerSectorValue Offered
ResaneoProfessional Travel AgencyPromotes Kolet eSIM cards, offering a seamless connectivity solution for travelers.
UlysseAir Ticket Booking PlatformCollaborates to introduce Kolet’s eSIM solutions to consumers during the flight booking process, including a 1GB data plan trial for the first two days of travel.

These partnerships play a crucial role in Kolet’s innovative distribution strategy, ensuring that travelers have easy access to Kolet’s eSIM technology during the critical stages of travel planning.

Kolet’s product strategy extends beyond conventional offerings. The company is in the process of creating a universal eSIM that would eliminate the need for travelers to install a new eSIM with each country they visit. This innovation could significantly simplify the travel experience for frequent travellers, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity across borders.

The Team Behind Kolet’s Innovation

Eduardo Ronzano, Kolet’s co-founder and CEO, has valuable experience from founding KelDoc, an online booking solution for hospitals, and is well-known in Paris’s angel investment community. Under his leadership, Kolet is not just introducing an eSIM product but is also redefining the distribution model for such technology.

Joining Ronzano in this venture are:

  1. Anne-Carole Cöen, serving as Chief Marketing Officer, with a strong background in marketing from her tenure at:
    • French unicorn Swile
    • Food delivery company Frichti
    • Ride-sharing service Freenow
  2. Jérémy Gotteland, the Chief Technology Officer, bringing insights from his time at:
    • Cajoo, the short-lived quick delivery service acquired by its German rival Flink
  3. Mehdi Chraibi, serving as Chief Operating Officer, with his rich experience at:
    • Millicom
    • Orange

Each member of the leadership team brings unique expertise and experience, setting Kolet apart in the competitive landscape of eSIM providers.

Kolet’s value proposition extends beyond the technological innovation of its eSIM cards. The company’s strategic partnerships with key players in the travel industry enable it to reach a broad audience of travelers who might not be aware of the advantages of eSIM technology. By embedding their product within the travel planning process, Kolet not only simplifies connectivity for travelers but also educates them on the benefits of eSIM technology, potentially expanding the market for such services.

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