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Walmart and Apple Collaborate to Offer Special Deal on M1 MacBook Air

ByHuey Yee Ong

Mar 19, 2024
Walmart and Apple Collaborate to Offer Special Deal on M1 MacBook Air

Walmart and Apple Collaborate to Offer Special Deal on M1 MacBook Air

Walmart recently announced a new deal that has many shoppers and technology fans excited: they’re selling Apple’s M1 MacBook Air for only $699. This move comes at a time when Apple has moved on to newer models of its laptops, the M2 and the M3, leaving the M1 MacBook Air as a somewhat older, yet still highly regarded, option. The decision to lower the price significantly, making it $200 cheaper than its last selling price by Apple and $200 less than the current M2 model, is noteworthy.

The M1 MacBook Air, released a few years ago, was celebrated for bringing major improvements over its predecessors. It maintained its famous slim design but packed in more power and efficiency thanks to Apple’s own M1 chip. This meant users got a laptop that wasn’t just faster than older versions but also had a battery life that lasted much longer. The M1 MacBook Air is remembered for setting new standards in what laptops could achieve, making this Walmart deal particularly appealing.

Why Is This Deal Beneficial for Both Apple and Walmart?

From Apple’s perspective, selling the M1 MacBook Air through Walmart is a strategic move.

  • Extends Product Life: It allows Apple to continue offering a well-loved product without affecting its pricing strategy or the sales of its newer models.
  • Broadens Reach: This approach helps Apple reach potential customers who might find the usual $1,000+ price tag for a new MacBook out of reach.
  • Increases Accessibility: Makes the MacBook Air more accessible to a wider audience, including iPhone users who may not yet own a Mac.

For Walmart, the benefits of this partnership are significant:

  • Brand Upgradation: Aiming to upgrade its brand image by offering more premium products.
  • Diversifies Product Line: Adds a high-quality computing option to Walmart’s electronics offerings, which traditionally did not include Macs.
  • Attracts Price-Conscious Consumers: Presents an attractive option for consumers looking for high-quality laptops without the hefty price tag, enhancing Walmart’s appeal to a broader customer base.

What You Need to Know About the MacBook Air Deal

The M1 MacBook Air on sale comes with 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage, which is generally enough for everyday use. Although upgrades are usually recommended for more intensive use, the discounted price makes this base model a good deal for anyone needing a reliable laptop for work or school.

The longevity of this deal is not clear yet. It’s possible that this special price is a way for Apple to sell through the remaining stock of the M1 MacBook Air. However, the details about how long the laptops will be available at this price have not been disclosed.

This partnership between Apple and Walmart represents a significant opportunity for both companies. For Apple, it’s a chance to sell a popular product to more people. For Walmart, it’s a step towards offering more high-end items and changing the perception of what kind of products it sells. For consumers, it’s a rare opportunity to buy a high-quality laptop at a much lower price than usual.

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