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Ledger Prepares for May Launch of iPod-Inspired Crypto Wallet After Delays

ByDayne Lee

Mar 24, 2024
Ledger Prepares for May Launch of iPod-Inspired Crypto Wallet After Delays

Ledger Prepares for May Launch of iPod-Inspired Crypto Wallet After Delays

In a significant announcement that has stirred the cryptocurrency community, Ledger, a leading producer of crypto wallets, is poised to release its highly anticipated Ledger Stax hardware wallet in May. This innovative device, which draws inspiration from the iconic iPod thanks to its design by inventor Tony Fadell, represents a significant leap forward for Ledger, a company renowned for its commitment to secure hardware and software wallet solutions for crypto investors.

A Journey Through Development

The genesis of Ledger Stax traces back to 2022, a time when the cryptocurrency market experienced a dramatic downturn following the collapse of the FTX exchange. This tumultuous period did not deter Ledger; instead, it spurred the development of a product designed to redefine how investors interact with and secure their digital assets. CNBC’s hands-on preview revealed a device not much larger than a credit card, featuring an E-ink display that allows users to monitor their crypto holdings with ease, employing technology similar to that found in Amazon’s Kindle e-book readers.

During the Blockworks Digital Asset Summit in London, Ledger’s CEO Pascal Gauthier shared insights with CNBC, expressing optimism about the upcoming launch. “Stax is coming out in two months,” Gauthier announced, signaling the culmination of rigorous development efforts to overcome challenges, including shipment delays and production bottlenecks, primarily due to the complexity of the E-ink display wrapping around the device.

Overcoming Hurdles

The path to launching the Ledger Stax has not been without its obstacles. Customers have voiced their frustrations over delays, putting pressure on the company to deliver on its promises. Gauthier attributed these delays to the intricate process of perfecting the E-ink display, a critical feature that distinguishes the Stax from other hardware wallets on the market.

Ledger has responded to these challenges with determination and innovation. “The Ledger team has been working around the clock to improve the yield on Ledger Stax displays and has made significant advancements,” a company spokesperson told CNBC. This relentless pursuit of excellence has led to the promise of preorders beginning to ship in spring, with a full update for customers who preordered expected by the end of March.

Features and Specifications

The Ledger Stax, priced at $279 and available for preorders since late 2022, is designed to marry form and function, offering a user-friendly interface and robust security features for a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, Solana, and various non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  • Dimensions: 85mm x 54mm, mirroring a credit card’s size.
  • Weight: Approximately 45 grams, lighter than an iPhone.
  • Connectivity: USB and Bluetooth options for seamless integration with laptops and phones.
  • Storage: Capacity to hold a diverse array of tokens and NFTs.
  • Design: Includes magnets for stacking multiple devices, enhancing organization and storage.

A New Era for Crypto Security

The launch of the Ledger Stax marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of cryptocurrency security. Gauthier emphasized the importance of self-custody and ownership in the digital age, acknowledging that while not everyone may embrace these principles, the Stax is designed to simplify the user experience significantly. With a robust supplier ecosystem now in place, Ledger is confidently moving towards the general launch in May, fueled by Fadell’s encouragement and the team’s unwavering commitment to innovation.

As Ledger stands on the cusp of launching the Ledger Stax, the cryptocurrency community watches with anticipation. This device represents not just a step forward in hardware wallet technology but a leap towards integrating digital asset management into the daily lives of investors, offering an unmatched blend of security, convenience, and technological sophistication.

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