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Google and Disney Partner Up to Enhance Advertiser Reach

ByHuey Yee Ong

Mar 27, 2024
Google and Disney Partner Up to Enhance Advertiser Reach

Google and Disney Partner Up to Enhance Advertiser Reach

Google has announced the integration of its Display & Video 360 platform with Disney’s Real-time Ad Exchange (DRAX), marking a significant advancement in advertising technology.

This collaboration aims to provide advertisers with the capability to reach audiences across Disney’s properties with increased precision and efficiency. Stemming from over a decade of strategic partnership, this initiative underscores a mutual commitment to privacy-focused advertising solutions and enhanced advertiser performance.

Revolutionizing Audience Engagement through Technology

The integration allows Display & Video 360, one of the first demand-side platforms (DSPs), to access Disney’s premium ad inventory directly. This arrangement is designed to streamline the availability of premium inventory to marketers, enhancing the ability to engage with audiences across Disney’s platforms, including Hulu and Disney+. The initiative is expected to benefit advertisers by enabling more effective re-engagement with audiences using advanced technologies such as Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) and leveraging Disney’s Audience Graph.

Advertisers utilizing this integration can look forward to maximizing their reach and impact across Disney’s network, including synergies with YouTube and other platforms. Enhanced frequency controls and unified reporting are also highlighted as key features, aimed at optimizing advertising spend and improving campaign effectiveness.

Strengthening Brand Connections with Targeted Advertising

This deepened collaboration between Google and Disney introduces new ways for advertisers to connect with valuable audiences. By activating and measuring audiences validated by first-party data, advertisers can target their most engaged viewers in a privacy-focused manner. The ability to secure instant deals and access Disney’s contextual and audience segments through Display & Video 360’s Marketplace facilitates efficient campaign execution.

Jamie Power, SVP of Addressable Sales at Disney Advertising, notes the significance of this expanded relationship in driving greater effectiveness for brands. By providing advertisers with a direct path to Disney’s portfolio, the initiative aims to innovate on behalf of buyers and redefine the future of TV advertising.

As the integration rolls out in April, Google and Disney are inviting advertisers to explore the new capabilities offered by this partnership. The initiative is presented as an opportunity for advertisers to leverage the combined strengths of Google’s technology and Disney’s diverse and engaging content, aiming to deliver enhanced advertising value and outcomes.

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