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Uber Eats Introduces Waymo Self-Driving Car Deliveries in Phoenix Metro Area

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 6, 2024
Uber Eats Introduces Waymo Self-Driving Car Deliveries in Phoenix Metro Area

Uber Eats Introduces Waymo Self-Driving Car Deliveries in Phoenix Metro Area

Uber Eats customers in the Phoenix metropolitan area may soon receive orders delivered by a Waymo self-driving car for the first time.

This development marks the official launch of Uber’s delivery partnership with Waymo, following their multiyear collaboration announcement last year. Previously, in October, Uber had initiated rides in Waymo’s autonomous vehicles in Phoenix, but this venture expands into the realm of meal delivery.

Phoenix becomes the seventh site for Uber Eats’ autonomous deliveries, but the first to employ Waymo’s vehicles. The delivery app has previously collaborated with robotics companies Cartken, Motional, Nuro, and Serve Robotics for pilot programs in other markets.

An Uber Eat app showing a Waymo Jaguar-I-PACE on its way to pick up an Uber Eat order.
Image Credits: Uber Newsroom

This new offering is currently exclusive to Uber Eats users in Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe, where select merchants are participating in the autonomous delivery program. However, Uber plans to extend the service area and include more restaurants in the coming weeks, indicating a potential expansion of this innovative delivery method.

Expanding Service Area and Restaurant Participation

Orders placed by customers in areas serviced by Waymo can opt for delivery via a Waymo vehicle, with standard delivery fees applying. Notably, customers won’t be charged for tips when their orders are delivered by Waymo’s autonomous cars. The vehicles responsible for these deliveries are Waymo’s Jaguar I-PACE electric vehicles, although the exact size of Waymo’s fleet remains undisclosed.

In a statement, Uber emphasized that this collaboration with Waymo aligns with both companies’ missions to promote zero-emission trips and foster innovation in transportation. However, Uber did not disclose any immediate plans to introduce Waymo deliveries in additional cities beyond Phoenix. Currently, Waymo’s core ride-hailing service operates in parts of Los Angeles and San Francisco, hinting at the potential for future expansions beyond meal deliveries in other regions.

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Featured Image courtesy of Uber

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