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Google Rolls Out Upgraded Find My Device Network

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 12, 2024
Google Rolls Out Upgraded Find My Device Network

Google Rolls Out Upgraded Find My Device Network

Google has officially rolled out its enhanced Find My Device network to users in the U.S. and Canada, with plans to extend its services globally to Android users in the near future.

This announcement, made on Monday, April 8th, introduces a significant upgrade to Google’s device location services, incorporating a crowdsourced network of over a billion Android devices. This network is designed to assist users in locating not only their Android phones and tablets but also everyday items like keys and wallets, even when these devices are offline. This development places Google’s Find My Device network on par with Apple’s Find My network, offering compatibility with devices running Android 9 and above.

Enhanced Device Locating Features

The enhanced capabilities of the Find My Device network mean that Android users can now locate their devices by ringing them or viewing their location on a map, without the necessity of an internet connection. This is a step up from Google’s previous version of the service, which required lost phones to be online to be found. Moreover, the network extends its services to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro users, allowing them to find their devices even if they are powered off or if the battery has died.

An illustration showing Google's Find My Device capability to keep track of everyday items with compatible Bluetooth tags
Credits: Google

Finding More Than Just Phones and Tablets

Starting in May, the network will also support locating everyday items equipped with Bluetooth tracker tags from companies like Chipolo and Pebblebee, directly through the Find My Device app. These tags are being developed specifically for integration with the Find My Device network and will include safety features to protect users from unwanted tracking, compatible across both Android and iOS platforms.

Google has also announced future collaborations with Motorola, Jio, and Eufy for compatible tags to be released later this year. This move comes after Apple and Google declared last year that they would lead an industry initiative to alert users of unwanted tracking through Bluetooth devices.

Furthermore, the network will integrate with Nest smart home gadgets, enabling users to determine the proximity of a lost device to their home Nest devices.

Security and Privacy at the Forefront

Erik Kay, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, emphasized in a blog post that the Find My Device network is designed to be secure and private. It features multi-layered protections, including end-to-end encryption of location data and aggregated device location reporting. This innovative approach aims to enhance user safety and privacy while enabling control over devices connected to the Find My Device network.

In addition to supporting a wide range of devices, Google has revealed that the Find My Device network will soon be compatible with headphones from popular brands such as JBL and Sony.

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