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Ex-Ethereum Adviser Plans $9.6 Billion Lawsuit Against U.S. Government Following Dismissal of Extortion Charges

ByDayne Lee

Apr 12, 2024
Ex-Ethereum Adviser Plans $9.6 Billion Lawsuit Against U.S. Government Following Dismissal of Extortion Charges

Ex-Ethereum Adviser Plans $9.6 Billion Lawsuit Against U.S. Government Following Dismissal of Extortion Charges

Steven Nerayoff, known for his early advisory role in the Ethereum network, is setting the stage for a monumental legal battle against the U.S. government. He seeks a staggering $9.6 billion in damages, stemming from what he and his legal team describe as unfounded and “fabricated” extortion charges leading to his 2019 arrest. This legal move comes after the dismissal of the government’s case against him, highlighting a contentious clash between individual rights and federal investigative practices within the crypto industry.

Prelude to Legal Action

Nerayoff’s decision to pursue legal action is rooted in his 2019 arrest on charges that were later dropped by the government in May 2023. His legal team has filed a Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) form, a necessary precursor to suing the Department of Justice (DOJ), signaling serious accusations against federal law enforcement methodologies and the integrity of their operations.

The involvement of Alan Dershowitz, a distinguished civil liberties lawyer, as a consultant on constitutional issues for Nerayoff’s case, underscores the legal complexities and the high stakes involved. The dropped charges in 2023 followed prosecutors’ admission of obtaining exculpatory evidence too significant to overlook, which they conceded rendered them unable to substantiate the charges to the requisite standard of proof.

Nerayoff’s legal narrative posits him as the target of an elaborate and prolonged entrapment scheme by the FBI, ostensibly aimed at coercing him into incriminating high-profile figures in the cryptocurrency sector. This narrative is bolstered by dramatic recounts of his arrest and alleged intimidation by federal agents, painting a picture of overreach and misuse of power.

The government has refuted most of Nerayoff’s allegations, including the claim that Michael Hlady, Nerayoff’s colleague and former co-defendant, was a government plant. However, Nerayoff’s defense highlights Hlady’s criminal history and his role in the case to question the FBI’s tactics and motivations in orchestrating the case against Nerayoff.

Unpacking the Extortion Charges

At the heart of the controversy were extortion charges tied to Nerayoff and Hlady, which were ultimately dismissed for Nerayoff and reduced to a wire fraud plea for Hlady in a separate case. This development raises questions about the initial foundation of the charges and the prosecutorial conduct throughout the investigation.

The forthcoming lawsuit against the U.S. government not only seeks reparation for Nerayoff but also casts a spotlight on the broader implications for the crypto industry. It challenges the legality and ethics of investigative practices used against individuals in the crypto space, setting a precedent for how similar cases might be approached in the future.

2019Steven Nerayoff arrested on extortion charges
2021Michael Hlady pleads guilty to related extortion charges
May 2023Charges against Nerayoff dropped
2023Hlady’s charges dropped; pleads guilty to separate wire fraud

Steven Nerayoff’s impending lawsuit against the U.S. government, seeking billions in damages, underscores a pivotal moment in the intersection of law, individual rights, and cryptocurrency. It not only encapsulates Nerayoff’s personal ordeal but also serves as a critical examination of the measures employed by federal agencies in policing the burgeoning crypto industry. As this case progresses, it will undoubtedly attract widespread attention, offering significant legal precedents and insights into the balance between security and freedom in the digital age.

Featured image credit: Genaro Palma via TechNews180

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