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Manchester City and OKX Launch Exclusive NFT-Linked Jersey Collection

ByDayne Lee

Apr 25, 2024

Manchester City and OKX Launch Exclusive NFT-Linked Jersey Collection

Manchester City, in partnership with cryptocurrency exchange OKX, is introducing a groundbreaking non-fungible token (NFT) collection titled “Unseen City Shirts.” This innovative campaign aims to blend the thrill of football with the cutting-edge realm of digital collectibles, allowing fans to win unique jerseys and unforgettable matchday experiences.

As part of a longstanding collaboration with OKX, Manchester City is leveraging the popular OKX app for this campaign, where fans can mint NFTs that might unlock special redesigned, commemorative football shirts. These collectibles are imbued with elements of Manchester’s rich heritage, featuring the Lancashire rose and the worker bee, meticulously hand-painted by artist Christian Jeffery.

Rarity and Rewards

Haider Rafique, OKX’s global chief marketing officer, explained that the rarity of each NFT is determined algorithmically. The campaign includes several ultra-rare NFTs which offer holders the chance to participate in a play-on-pitch experience, receive two tickets to a Manchester City game, and obtain a limited-edition City shirt. Additionally, other rare NFTs provide rewards such as a stadium tour and a “The Roses and the Bees” jersey.

Nuria Tarré, Manchester City’s chief marketing and fan experience officer, emphasized that the initiative targets a tech-savvy audience eager for innovation. By integrating digital ownership through NFTs, the club enhances fan engagement, merging traditional sports fandom with the benefits of Web3 technology.

Continued Exploration of Web3

The launch represents just one aspect of Manchester City’s broader strategy to integrate Web3 technologies into its fan engagement practices. Tarré highlighted the club’s ongoing commitment to experimenting with new technologies, from Web2 solutions to immersive metaverse environments like Roblox, indicating a keen interest in continually advancing their digital interaction capabilities.

OKX has not only partnered with Manchester City but also engaged in significant sports collaborations with Formula 1 team McLaren, focusing on tapping into the passionate fan bases of these sports entities. Rafique discussed the evolution of these partnerships, noting that the initial phase involved foundational efforts to integrate utility for sports fans and Web3 users. Future plans involve creating more sophisticated, utility-based ecosystems as product and technology infrastructures mature.

Sponsorship and Collaborative Success

Since first partnering in March 2022, OKX has deepened its relationship with Manchester City, becoming the club’s official training kit partner for the 2022–2023 season and later securing a deal as the official sleeve partner in a multiyear agreement initiated in June 2023. These partnerships underline the symbiotic relationship between leading sports brands and innovative technology companies in today’s digital era.

Manchester City’s latest NFT initiative with OKX is not just about offering memorabilia but about reshaping fan engagement in the digital age. By harnessing the power of NFTs, the club not only offers its global fanbase exciting new ways to connect but also sets a precedent for how sports teams can incorporate technology to enhance fan experiences and broaden their market reach.

Featured image credit: Leah via NFT Plazas

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