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X Set to Launch Dedicated TV App for Video Content

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 28, 2024

X Set to Launch Dedicated TV App for Video Content

X, previously known as Twitter, is poised to introduce a new TV application dedicated to video content, aiming to enhance viewer engagement through a smart TV platform. Announced by CEO Linda Yaccarino, the upcoming app will feature an interface reminiscent of YouTube’s layout, as highlighted in a recent teaser video.

The application will incorporate a trending video algorithm intended to present users with tailored popular content, facilitating a personalized viewing experience. It will also include AI-powered topics to categorize videos by subject, enhancing the ease of content discovery. Moreover, the app supports cross-device viewing capabilities, allowing users to begin watching content on their mobile devices and seamlessly continue on their smart TVs.

Yaccarino emphasized the app’s advanced video search features, stating that it would be accessible on most smart TV models. However, an exact release date for the app has not been specified, only noted to be available “soon.”

This development is a part of broader efforts under Yaccarino’s leadership to redefine the social network as a champion of free speech with a “video first” approach. The platform currently hosts original programming, including a show led by former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and another by ex-Fox Sports host Jim Rome. In contrast, a proposed talk show with former CNN anchor Don Lemon was recently canceled by Elon Musk following the initial interview.

The announcement of X’s new TV app comes shortly after Truth Social, owned by Donald Trump’s media company, revealed its own intentions to launch a live TV streaming service. This platform aims to focus on news networks and religious channels, specifically targeting content deemed to be “canceled” or “suppressed” on other services.

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