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Apple and OpenAI in Talks for Chatbot Integration in iOS 18

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 30, 2024

Apple and OpenAI in Talks for Chatbot Integration in iOS 18

Apple is reportedly enhancing its collaboration with OpenAI to possibly integrate OpenAI’s technologies into iOS 18, as part of its broader strategy to bolster AI capabilities on the iPhone. This development comes in anticipation of the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, where AI is expected to be a prominent topic.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has reopened discussions with OpenAI, having initially engaged in talks earlier this year about a potential partnership. These discussions aim to introduce on-device chatbot functionalities, enhancing user interactions directly on their iPhones without the need for cloud computing. This would mark a significant shift from the current reliance on cloud-based large language models, which require substantial computing power.

Mashable highlights that alongside OpenAI, Apple has also been exploring similar talks with other leading AI entities. This exploration underscores Apple’s commitment to advancing its AI technology, particularly in making Siri more adept at understanding context from both the device’s screen and background activities. The new model Apple is developing intends to improve how Siri comprehends conversational contexts, promising a more intuitive and responsive AI assistant.

Furthermore, Apple’s negotiations are not exclusively with OpenAI. The tech giant is also in discussions with Google to integrate Gemini, Google’s own AI solution, into the iPhone ecosystem.

However, no definitive agreements have been finalized with any of the companies as of now. Apple’s strategy appears to be in a deliberative phase, as it considers various potential partnerships to bring advanced chatbot features to its devices.

As the WWDC approaches, the tech community and Apple users alike are keen to see which new AI features will be announced.

Featured Image courtesy of ALY SONG/REUTERS

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