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Allozymes harnesses its turbocharged enzymes for a data and AI venture, securing a big $15 million investment

ByYasmeeta Oon

May 6, 2024
Allozymes harnesses its turbocharged enzymes for a data and AI venture, securing a $15 million investment

Allozymes harnesses its turbocharged enzymes for a data and AI venture, securing a big $15 million investment

Allozymes, a biotech startup, has made waves in the bio-based chemical industry with its innovative method of rapidly testing millions of enzyme variants for various chemical reactions. What began as a modest venture in 2021 has now burgeoned into a global enterprise, attracting significant investment and positioning itself as a leader in enzyme optimization and discovery. The company recently secured a substantial $15 million Series A funding round, propelling its trajectory from a valuable service provider to a pioneering resource in the field.

Since its inception, Allozymes has undergone remarkable growth, evolving from a small team operating within a modest lab space to a workforce of 32 individuals spread across multiple locations in the U.S., Europe, and Singapore. With a lab space now fifteen times larger, the company has significantly enhanced its enzyme-screening capabilities, achieving the staggering throughput of up to 20 million enzyme variants screened per day.

The core technology driving Allozymes’ success remains unchanged since its early days. By harnessing microfluidics systems, the company can efficiently test millions of enzyme variants daily, a feat unattainable through traditional methods. This innovative approach has catalyzed breakthroughs in enzyme discovery and optimization, revolutionizing processes in the biotech and chemical industries.

Allozymes’ groundbreaking technology has garnered interest from various sectors, with applications spanning from sustainable agriculture to pharmaceuticals. Some notable achievements include:

  • Phytoene Production: By identifying a novel enzymatic pathway, Allozymes has enabled the production of phytoene, a valuable compound found in tomatoes, in bioreactors. This innovation drastically reduces water consumption and space requirements compared to traditional harvesting methods.
  • Bisabolol Synthesis: Through enzymatic pathways, Allozymes has facilitated the production of bisabolol, a sought-after compound native to the endangered candeia tree, in sustainable quantities.
  • Soluble Sweet Fiber Development: Allozymes received a significant grant to expedite the transformation of plant and fruit fibers into soluble sweet fibers, offering an alternative to conventional sugars and sweeteners.

These achievements underscore Allozymes’ commitment to addressing pressing challenges in industries reliant on bio-based chemicals, offering sustainable and efficient solutions.

Allozymes’ strategic roadmap encompasses two distinct service offerings: SingZyme and MultiZyme. SingZyme, the company’s flagship service, focuses on enzyme optimization as a service, catering to clients seeking significant improvements in speed and cost efficiency. On the other hand, MultiZyme adopts a broader approach, engaging in the discovery and refinement of multiple enzymes to meet diverse industry needs.

Central to Allozymes’ success is its vast repository of enzymatic data, touted as the largest of its kind globally. This invaluable resource not only fuels the company’s ongoing research and development efforts but also serves as a foundation for future innovation. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Allozymes aims to extract actionable insights from its extensive dataset, facilitating the discovery of novel enzyme functionalities and chemical reactions.

The recent $15 million Series A funding round, led by prominent investors such as Seventure Partners and NUS Technology Holdings, underscores confidence in Allozymes’ vision and capabilities. With plans to further expand its operations into pharmaceuticals and establish a U.S. presence, the company is poised for continued growth and impact in the bio-based chemical industry.

In summary, Allozymes’ journey from a nascent startup to a trailblazing innovator exemplifies the transformative potential of biotechnology in addressing global challenges. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaborative partnerships, Allozymes is paving the way for a sustainable and bio-centric future.

Phytoene ProductionDevelopment of enzymatic pathway for phytoene production, reducing water consumption and space requirements.
Bisabolol SynthesisSustainable synthesis of bisabolol, a valuable compound native to endangered species, through enzymatic processes.
Soluble Sweet FiberTransformation of plant and fruit fibers into soluble sweet fibers, offering an alternative to traditional sugars and sweeteners.
Enzyme ScreeningScreening of up to 20 million enzyme variants per day, revolutionizing the pace of enzyme discovery and optimization.
Investment and ExpansionSecuring $15 million Series A funding round, enabling expansion into pharmaceuticals and establishment of a U.S. presence.

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