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New Streaming Bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu, and Max Arrives This Summer

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 11, 2024

New Streaming Bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu, and Max Arrives This Summer

A new streaming bundle from Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery, including Disney Plus, Hulu, and Max, is set to launch in the US this summer.

This package will feature a variety of content from popular series such as “Game of Thrones,” “Star Wars,” and “The Bear,” and will be available in both ad-supported and ad-free formats. Although pricing details have not yet been announced, consumers will be able to purchase the bundle through the Disney Plus, Hulu, or Max websites.

Streaming Bundle Details

The introduction of this bundle coincides with a shift in the streaming industry’s focus from subscriber growth to revenue generation. Recent financial updates reveal that Disney Plus and Hulu have achieved profitability, recording a combined profit of $47 million. Disney’s president of direct-to-consumer, Joe Earley, highlighted the bundle as a continuation of successful strategies, notably after the successful integration of Hulu into Disney+.

Furthermore, this fall will see the launch of a live sports streaming service by ESPN, owned by Disney, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery and Fox, indicating an expansion of streaming options to include live sports.

The announcement of the bundle arrives at a time when the cost of individual streaming services is on the rise, prompting consumers to consider bundles as a cost-effective alternative. In addition to Disney’s upcoming offer, other companies like Max and Netflix have already explored similar strategies, such as their collaboration with Verizon to provide a more affordable streaming bundle.

This strategic move by Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery is part of broader industry trends, where companies increasingly leverage bundling to attract and retain subscribers amidst growing competition and rising operational costs. Warner Bros. Discovery is also expected to release its earnings report soon, with anticipations of further layoffs and another price increase, as reported by Bloomberg.

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