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OpenAI Is Reported Developing Search Feature for ChatGPT

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 11, 2024
OpenAI Is Reported Developing Search Feature for ChatGPT

OpenAI Is Reported Developing Search Feature for ChatGPT

OpenAI is reportedly developing a search feature for ChatGPT, aiming to position the chatbot as a potential competitor to Google Search.

Bloomberg reports that the feature is in progress and will enable ChatGPT to scour the internet for answers to user queries, providing results complete with citations to their sources. This capability will allow ChatGPT to extract information from various sources like Wikipedia or blog posts and provide links to the original pages when responding to questions.

In one version of the experimental search function described by Bloomberg, ChatGPT may also incorporate relevant images along with written responses. For instance, if the chatbot deems visual instructions or diagrams helpful for certain inquiries like “how to change a doorknob” or “how to clean a split-type AC,” it could include them in its responses.

However, Bloomberg notes that although ChatGPT already offers search capabilities for paying customers, it sometimes delivers inaccurate responses or incorrect citations.

DataChaz on Twitter/X recently reported the discovery of a new subdomain,, allegedly created by OpenAI. While this subdomain briefly redirected to the main ChatGPT page over the weekend, attempting to access it now results in a “Not found” message.

Although OpenAI has not officially confirmed this specific project, the pursuit of AI-powered search aligns with its efforts to stay competitive with industry rivals.

Google, for example, has recently expanded its AI-powered search results test, displaying them to users who did not opt in. Additionally, there’s Perplexity, a startup valued at $1 billion, leveraging its AI-powered search engine used by Rabbit through the R1 device.

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