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Sony Music Issues Warning to Over 700 Tech Companies for Unauthorized AI Training

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 19, 2024

Sony Music Issues Warning to Over 700 Tech Companies for Unauthorized AI Training

Sony Music Group has issued letters warning over 700 technology companies and music streaming services to safeguard its intellectual property. The warnings caution against the unauthorized use of Sony’s vast music catalog to train artificial intelligence systems.

A letter obtained by TechCrunch indicates Sony’s belief that these entities might have already engaged in unauthorized usage of its content. The company underscores the potential of AI in the music industry but stresses that such advancements should not compromise artist rights or revenue.

Sony Music, home to celebrated artists such as Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Adele, and Celine Dion, is deeply concerned about retaining control over its intellectual property. This property not only includes audio and audiovisual recordings but also cover artwork, metadata, lyrics, and more.

The letter outlines specific inquiries directed at the recipients, asking them to account for their use of Sony’s songs, the methods of access, the number of copies made, the current existence of these copies, and the reasons for their creation.

The company’s insistence on detailed responses is accompanied by a strict deadline, after which it intends to enforce its copyright claims vigorously in all applicable jurisdictions.

The move is in response copyright infringement issues due to the popularity of generative AI. Streaming platforms like Spotify are getting flooded with AI-generated music. Even big artists like Drake are experimenting with AI, as evidenced by recent backlash when he deepfaked the late rapper Tupac.

Moreover, California’s Democratic Representative Adam Schiff introduced legislation last month aimed at increasing transparency in AI development. If passed, this law would require AI companies to disclose the copyrighted songs used in their training processes.

Additionally, the state of Tennessee has recently enacted the Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security (ELVIS) Act to safeguard artists from AI-generated impersonations, spearheaded by Governor Bill Lee.

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