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Aptos Sets New Record for User Transactions, Surpassing Solana

ByDayne Lee

May 27, 2024
Aptos Sets New Record for User Transactions, Surpassing Solana

Aptos Sets New Record for User Transactions, Surpassing Solana

On May 25, the layer-1 blockchain platform Aptos, developed by a team of former Facebook employees, reached a new pinnacle in blockchain performance by recording an unprecedented 115.4 million transactions in a single day. This achievement not only set a new record for the Aptos platform but also surpassed Solana’s highest recorded daily transaction count of 31.7 million.

Comparison with Previous Blockchain Records

This surge in transaction volume on Aptos represents a significant leap from the previous layer-1 (L1) record held by Sui Network, which was over 65 million transactions. Aptos exceeded this benchmark by more than 50%, highlighting its robust capacity and growing influence in the blockchain industry.

On the same day, Aptos also achieved a new high in user transactions per second (TPS), reaching 32,000 TPS. This all-time high indicates a substantial increase in activity within the Aptos ecosystem, emphasizing the platform’s scalability and efficiency.

Catalyst for the Surge: Tapos Cat Game

The primary driver behind this remarkable increase in transactions was the launch of Tapos Cat, a new tap-to-earn game on Aptos. Within its first day on the mainnet, Tapos Cat processed 10 million transactions, playing a crucial role in the overall surge in activity on Aptos.

Despite the success in terms of transaction volume, Tapos Cat faced criticism regarding its long-term viability and utility. The CEO of Helius Labs expressed skepticism about the game’s focus on simple click-and-buy interactions, suggesting it might artificially inflate transaction metrics without offering substantial utility to users. However, supporters of Aptos argue that Tapos Cat serves as an important engineering and marketing project, demonstrating the network’s capabilities and serving as a foundation for future innovations.

Aptos Labs’ Commitment and Future Initiatives

Aptos Labs continues to pursue its mission to democratize access to decentralized assets for billions of people worldwide. On May 9, the organization announced the addition of new global advisers, including David Lawee, a former vice president at Google, to its team. This strategic move aims to leverage external expertise to guide Aptos’s expansion and technological development.

In November 2023, Aptos Labs, in collaboration with Atomrigs Lab, revealed plans to launch a new Web3 wallet service, T wallet. This venture is in partnership with South Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom (SKT), signifying Aptos’s commitment to broadening its technological footprint and enhancing user engagement through innovative solutions.

DateEventTransactions CountSignificance
May 25, 2024Aptos records highest daily transactions115.4 millionNew all-time high, surpassing Solana
May 25, 2024Highest TPS reached32,000 TPSDemonstrates network scalability
November 2023Plans for T wallet announcedExpansion into Web3 services

The recent achievements of Aptos in setting new transaction records have significant implications for the blockchain industry, showcasing the platform’s potential for high-scale operations and its readiness for broader adoption. As Aptos continues to develop and launch new services, it is positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized applications and blockchain technology.

Featured image credit: TheDigitalArtist via Needpix

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