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Australia Launches Its First Direct Bitcoin Holding Spot ETF

ByDayne Lee

Jun 4, 2024

Australia Launches Its First Direct Bitcoin Holding Spot ETF

Australia is poised to debut its first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) that holds the cryptocurrency directly. This development represents a significant advancement in the Australian financial landscape, offering investors a more direct and regulated way to engage with Bitcoin.

Overview of the Monochrome Bitcoin ETF (IBTC)

Launch Details

The Monochrome Bitcoin ETF, labeled IBTC, is scheduled to commence trading on the Cboe Australia exchange on Tuesday, June 4. This launch marks a pivotal moment as it introduces the first Australian ETF capable of holding Bitcoin directly under the newly established crypto asset licensing category.

Regulatory Framework and Custody

The ETF’s launch follows the 2021 adaptation of Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensing rules, which now include a category specifically for crypto assets. This regulatory inclusion allows the Monochrome Bitcoin ETF to store its Bitcoin holdings offline in secure, internet-isolated devices, adhering to stringent Australian institutional custody standards.

Comparative Analysis with Global Markets

Australian Market Innovations

Prior to the introduction of IBTC, Australian investors had access only to ETFs that held Bitcoin indirectly or to offshore Bitcoin products. These options did not offer the protections afforded by the AFS licensing regime for crypto assets. Monochrome Asset Management’s move to launch IBTC under this new regime offers enhanced security and investor protection.

Global Context

The initiative by Monochrome Asset Management comes shortly after the introduction of four spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong on April 30. However, these Hong Kong ETFs have experienced mixed financial flows, with three out of four recording net outflows. In contrast, the U.S. market has seen a more favorable reception to Bitcoin ETFs, with significant inflows, although the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust reported substantial outflows.

Features and Benefits of the IBTC ETF

In-Kind Redemption

Unlike some international counterparts that operate on a cash creation basis, the IBTC allows for in-kind redemption. This feature is particularly appealing for investors seeking to manage their investments directly and efficiently.

Future Plans and Expansion

Jeff Yew, CEO of Monochrome, expressed optimism about the strong interest already shown in indirect Bitcoin ETF products and confirmed the company’s readiness to expand its offerings. Plans include the launch of an Ether ETF that will also hold the asset directly, alongside exploring other digital asset themes to meet evolving investor demands.

Market Impact and Predictions

Anticipated Growth

Yew highlighted Australia’s robust crypto engagement, projecting that local spot Bitcoin ETFs could generate between $3 billion to $4 billion in net inflows within the first three years of their introduction. This optimistic forecast is supported by the consistent growth of the cryptocurrency sector in Australia, which is increasingly integrating digital assets into its financial practices.

Summary Table: Key Aspects of the Monochrome Bitcoin ETF

ETF NameMonochrome Bitcoin ETF (IBTC)
Launch DateJune 4
ExchangeCboe Australia
CustodyOffline storage meeting Australian standards
Regulatory FrameworkLicensed under AFS for crypto assets
Expected Market Impact$3 to $4 billion in inflows within three years

The introduction of the Monochrome Bitcoin ETF represents a significant milestone in the integration of cryptocurrencies into regulated financial products in Australia. By offering direct ownership within a regulated framework, IBTC not only enhances the security and transparency of Bitcoin investments but also sets a precedent for future crypto-related financial products in Australia and potentially other global markets.

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Dayne Lee

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