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Revised Ether ETF Proposals Submitted by Asset Managers Targeting July Introduction

ByDayne Lee

Jun 24, 2024

Revised Ether ETF Proposals Submitted by Asset Managers Targeting July Introduction

Several prominent asset managers have recently updated their proposals for Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs), signaling a significant move in the crypto investment space. On June 21, leading firms including VanEck, BlackRock, Grayscale, and Invesco Galaxy Digital revised their S-1 Registration Statements with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), following the market’s close. Earlier that same day, Fidelity also submitted a new S-1 form, further indicating a consolidated push towards launching these products.

Competitive Fee Structures and Strategic Pricing

One of the notable disclosures in these filings is VanEck’s management fee of 0.20% for its Ethereum fund, closely aligning with Franklin Templeton’s fee of 0.19%. BlackRock has not yet disclosed the fee structure for its iShares Ethereum Trust (ETHA), but market analysts, including Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas, suggest that VanEck’s pricing strategy could pressure BlackRock to set its fees competitively, ideally below 0.30%.

Fee Comparison Among Major Players:

  • VanEck: 0.20%
  • Franklin Templeton: 0.19%
  • BlackRock: TBD

Implications of the SEC’s Recent Rule Change

In May, the SEC approved a rule change that facilitates the listing and trading of eight spot Ether ETFs by major asset managers. This regulatory milestone includes firms like VanEck, BlackRock, Fidelity, Grayscale, and several others, setting the stage for a broader acceptance and integration of crypto assets within traditional investment portfolios.

Fidelity’s latest filing revealed a strategic move, with its affiliate FMR Capital seeding the Ether ETF with $4.7 million at $38 per share. Close on its heels, Bitwise updated its proposal to include a significant potential investment from Pantera Capital, suggesting an initial $100 million stake coinciding with the ETF’s trading launch.

Recent Investments in Ether ETF Proposals:

  • Fidelity: $4.7 million seeding at $38 per share
  • Bitwise: Potential $100 million investment from Pantera Capital

Eric Balchunas, a senior analyst at Bloomberg, predicts that these funds could be launched as early as the first week of July, aligning closely with the U.S. Independence Day celebrations. This timing could capitalize on market sentiments and investor interest during a historically significant period.

The introduction of Ether ETFs by such heavyweight financial players is expected to provide a more structured and regulated avenue for investors to engage with cryptocurrency assets, potentially leading to increased institutional adoption and individual investment in the sector.

Hashdex’s New Pursuits

In a related development, Hashdex is seeking regulatory approval for an innovative ETF that combines spot Bitcoin and Ether. This follows their recent decision to abandon exclusive plans for an Ether ETF, suggesting a strategic pivot to more diversified crypto products.

The amended proposals for Ethereum ETFs by these asset managers mark a pivotal development in the integration of cryptocurrency into mainstream financial systems. With competitive fee structures, strategic investments, and regulatory advancements, the stage is set for a significant expansion of crypto-based investment products on Wall Street. As these ETFs prepare for a potential launch in July, the financial community and crypto enthusiasts alike are keenly watching these developments, which promise to further bridge the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of digital assets.

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Dayne Lee

With a foundation in financial day trading, I transitioned to my current role as an editor, where I prioritize accuracy and reader engagement in our content. I excel in collaborating with writers to ensure top-quality news coverage. This shift from finance to journalism has been both challenging and rewarding, driving my commitment to editorial excellence.

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