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Teen Students Get Access to Google’s AI Gemini via School Accounts

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jun 28, 2024

Teen Students Get Access to Google’s AI Gemini via School Accounts

Google is expanding access to its AI technology, Gemini, to teen students using their school accounts. This move follows its earlier rollout to teens with personal accounts. Alongside this, educators will gain access to new tools to enhance learning.

Google’s initiative aims to equip teens with the skills needed for a future integrated with generative AI. The company believes Gemini will boost students’ confidence in learning through real-time feedback. Ensuring student privacy, Google states it will not use data from student interactions to train its AI models. Additionally, Gemini incorporates safeguards to prevent inappropriate responses and promotes information literacy and critical thinking by recommending the double-check feature.

Available in English across more than 100 countries, Gemini will be accessible through Google Workspace for Education accounts. By default, the feature will be turned off for teens until enabled by administrators.

Furthermore, Google is globally launching the Read Along in Classroom feature, designed to help students improve their reading skills with real-time support. Educators can assign reading tasks based on grade level or phonics skills and monitor students’ reading accuracy, speed, and comprehension. Google is also testing a feature to create personalized stories tailored to individual student needs.

To support educators, Google is enhancing tools for creating, managing, and sharing interactive lessons. New features include the ability to mark assignments as missing or complete manually and perform bulk scoring actions.

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