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Bitcoin Hashrate Drawdown Dips to December 2022 Levels

ByDayne Lee

Jul 2, 2024

Bitcoin Hashrate Drawdown Dips to December 2022 Levels

The Bitcoin hashrate drawdown, a crucial metric measuring dips in the relative computing power of the Bitcoin network, has declined to levels not seen since December 2022, following the collapse of FTX during the depths of the previous bear market.

Indicators Point to Potential Market Bottom

According to data from CryptoQuant, the true Bitcoin hashrate drawdown metric now stands at -7.6%. This significant drop suggests a potential price bottom for the decentralized asset. This notion is further supported by other metrics, such as the Bitcoin Exchange Reserve, the Miners Position Index (MPI), and the Bitcoin Miner Reserve, all indicating low selling pressure.

In recent weeks, several indicators have suggested that miners are beginning to capitulate, potentially signaling buying opportunities for Bitcoin. Charles Edwards, founder of the crypto hedge fund Capriole, highlighted at the beginning of June that the Bitcoin hash ribbons indicator developed by his firm was flashing a buy signal. This signal reflects a relative slowdown in network computational power.

Understanding Hash Ribbons

Hash ribbons measure the network’s hashrate by comparing the 60-day moving average of the Bitcoin hashrate against a 30-day average. When the 30-day average dips below the 60-day average, it indicates a relative decrease in hash power. Market analyst Will Woo echoed Edwards’ sentiment, explaining that the market won’t reach new highs until weaker miners are forced to shutter their operations. This phenomenon typically occurs in the weeks following a halving event but appears to be prolonged during the current cycle.

More recently, Bitcoin miner withdrawals have dropped by up to 90% post-halving, indicating minimized selling pressure from miners and suggesting that Bitcoin’s price may continue to rise. This reduction in withdrawals points to a more stable market environment where the pressure to sell is reduced, potentially allowing for a price increase.

Post-Halving Realities and Challenges

As the April 2024 halving event approaches, financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald released a report highlighting the challenges miners face due to the decreased block subsidy. The report identified 11 mining companies, including Marathon Digital, Hut8, and Argo Blockchain, that could become unprofitable due to high mining costs and lower rewards.

The report warned that if the market price of Bitcoin plummets to $40,000, some of the world’s biggest mining companies would be forced to capitulate, emphasizing the mining industry’s predicament post-halving. The potential for unprofitability among major mining firms underscores the delicate balance the industry must maintain to survive and thrive in the wake of reduced block rewards.

MetricCurrent ValueImplications
Bitcoin Hashrate Drawdown-7.6%Suggests potential price bottom for Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Exchange ReserveLowIndicates low selling pressure from exchanges.
Miners Position Index (MPI)LowReflects reduced selling pressure from miners.
Bitcoin Miner ReserveLowIndicates that miners are holding onto their Bitcoin rather than selling.
Miner Withdrawals Post-HalvingDropped by 90%Suggests minimized selling pressure, potentially leading to price stability and increase.

Analysts and market participants are closely monitoring these metrics to gauge future price movements and market opportunities. The significant reduction in miner withdrawals and the current hash rate drawdown suggest that now may be an opportune time for investors to consider entering the market.

The current state of Bitcoin’s hashrate drawdown, along with other supporting metrics, points to a potential market bottom. The decrease in miner withdrawals and the anticipation of the 2024 halving event add further complexity and opportunity to the market dynamics. As miners face increasing pressure from reduced block rewards and high operational costs, the broader market will need to adapt to these changing conditions.

The crypto community will be watching closely as the market navigates these challenges and opportunities, with many anticipating potential price increases and a stabilization of the network’s computational power.

Featured image credit: Kerfin7 via Freepik

Dayne Lee

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