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Bumble Users Can Now Report AI-Generated Profiles to Combat Scams

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jul 11, 2024

Bumble Users Can Now Report AI-Generated Profiles to Combat Scams

Bumble has introduced a new feature allowing users to report profiles suspected of using AI-generated photos and videos. This addition aims to curb the growing issue of fake profiles on the dating app.

Users can now select “Fake profile” and then choose “Using AI-generated photos or videos” when reporting a suspicious profile. Other reporting options include inappropriate content, underage users, scams, and using someone else’s photos.

Addressing the Rise of AI-Generated Profiles

The introduction of this reporting option comes as AI-generated images have become prevalent on dating apps, often used to deceive or scam other users. By providing a way to report these profiles, Bumble hopes to deter individuals from creating misleading profiles using AI technology.

Risa Stein, Bumble’s Vice President of Product, emphasized the importance of maintaining a safe and trustworthy environment for users. “An essential part of creating a space to build meaningful connections is removing any element that is misleading or dangerous,” Bumble Vice President of Product at Bumble Risa Stein said in an official statement. “We are committed to continually improving our technology to ensure that Bumble is a safe and trusted dating environment. By introducing this new reporting option, we can better understand how bad actors and fake profiles are using AI disingenuously so our community feels confident in making connections.” Stein said.

A survey conducted by Bumble revealed that 71 percent of Gen Z and Millennial users want restrictions on AI-generated content on dating apps. Additionally, 71 percent view AI-generated photos depicting people in places they’ve never been or doing activities they’ve never done as a form of catfishing.

Fake profiles pose a significant financial risk as well. In 2022, the Federal Trade Commission reported nearly 70,000 cases of romance scams, with losses totaling $1.3 billion. Dating apps, including Bumble, are continually enhancing safety measures to protect users from scams and physical dangers, with AI-generated profiles being the latest threat.

Bumble’s Technological Solutions to Combat Fake Profiles

This new reporting feature follows Bumble’s recent launch of the “Deception Detector,” an AI tool that, alongside human moderation, identifies and removes fake profiles, spammers, and scammers. Since its introduction in February, Bumble reports a 45% decrease in member reports of spam, scams, and fake profiles. Bumble also uses an AI-powered “Private Detector” tool that automatically blurs nude photos.

Despite the fight against AI-generated profiles, Bumble’s founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd, envisions a future where AI could play a positive role in online dating. Herd suggested that AI “dating concierges” might go on hundreds of dates on behalf of users to find the perfect match. Whether this concept will gain widespread acceptance remains to be seen, but it highlights the potential for AI to transform the dating landscape.

Featured Image courtesy of Bumble

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