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Oura Ring Introduces ‘AI Advisor’ Ahead of Samsung Galaxy Ring Launch

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jul 10, 2024

Oura Ring Introduces ‘AI Advisor’ Ahead of Samsung Galaxy Ring Launch

Oura has launched its newest feature, the “Oura Advisor,” an AI-powered wellness coach, through its Oura Labs feature preview program in the company’s app. This comes just a day before Samsung’s expected Galaxy Ring announcement, which is anticipated to include similar AI capabilities.

The “Oura Advisor” is designed to act as a personal wellness coach, providing both short and long-term health advice. Currently in beta, users must opt into the program, indicating there may be initial issues to resolve. This AI assistant is intended to complement the existing Oura Ring experience by offering personalized wellness tips, answering questions, and analyzing health data.

How Does ‘Oura Advisor’ Work?

The Advisor feature includes an onboarding process with significant customization options. Users can select their preferred communication style—supportive, mentoring, or goal-oriented—and determine notification preferences.

Oura’s app already provides detailed context around health data. For example, it gives users a readiness score each morning with recommendations, such as whether to take it easy or prepare for an active day. But the “Oura Advisor” aims to offer even deeper insights, acting as a “personal wellness coach” to help users understand specific health details and receive more tailored recommendations.

The Advisor functions much like popular AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT, enabling users to have conversations with the feature if they opt-in and are subscribed to an Oura membership. During the setup process, users select their communication style and notification preferences. Oura advises that opting into this feature means the company will analyze users’ data to provide personalized recommendations.

Users can also provide additional information, such as recovery from surgery or muscle strain, which the Advisor will take into account. This information can be managed or removed from the “Memory” at any time, and users can opt out of the Advisor whenever they choose.

Oura is also delivering its quarterly Made for Members expanded feature set, which includes new tools for both Android and iOS users. These features, such as Cardiovascular Age and Cardio Capacity, provide more context around specific health patterns, enhancing the overall user experience.

In addition to the Advisor, Oura is rolling out new features as part of its quarterly Made for Members update. This includes enhancements for both Android and iOS users, such as Cardiovascular Age and Cardio Capacity metrics, providing more detailed health insights.

Strategic Timing of Oura’s Announcement

The timing of Oura’s announcement is strategic, coming just before Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10, where the Galaxy Ring and new Galaxy AI features are expected to be showcased. By launching the Oura Advisor now, Oura aims to position itself ahead of Samsung in the competitive smart ring market.

For Oura Ring users, the Advisor feature is available in the Oura Labs section of the app. As both companies continue to innovate, consumers can look forward to more advanced and personalized health monitoring solutions.

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