Google’s latest artificial intelligence innovation, ‘MusicFX’, creates music compositions using only a handful of words.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Dec 19, 2023

Today marks another achievement for Google with the unveiling of MusicFX, a pioneering AI tool that allows users to craft their own music. This tool integrates Google’s MusicLM and DeepMind’s SynthID for watermarking, ensuring the originality of each creation. MusicFX is a significant step in AI, offering musicians and enthusiasts a new avenue for musical experimentation. It is part of Google’s AI Test Kitchen, aimed at involving the public in early-stage AI technology evaluation.

Notably, MusicFX restricts generating music that references specific artists or includes vocals, to safeguard original artists’ work. Currently available in the United States, Kenya, New Zealand, and Australia, users can also explore TextFX on this platform. Google recognizes the potential for errors or inappropriate outputs and has implemented multiple safeguards.

The company emphasizes responsible AI development, adhering to its AI Principles and encouraging public feedback. User data interaction with MusicFX is stored anonymously, with human reviewers analyzing the data for improvements. Post-session, the data is non-identifiable and retained for up to 18 months.

The introduction of MusicFX reflects a broader trend in AI, where public participation is essential in shaping technology. It democratizes music creation, lowering barriers for those without formal training or advanced tools. However, it also raises questions about AI’s impact on copyright and music originality. Google’s watermarking indicates awareness of these challenges.

As Google further refines MusicFX, the AI Test Kitchen could become a model for future AI advancements, aligning technological progress with societal norms. MusicFX opens a new chapter in music creation, blending AI with human creativity. It signifies the beginning of a potential wave of AI-driven innovation in music. For those interested, MusicFX and other Google Labs experiments are accessible at

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