Artem Ventures expands into the Malaysian market, positioning itself as an interesting local venture capital facilitator

ByYasmeeta Oon

Feb 1, 2024

In a landmark year, Artem Ventures has set a new standard in venture capital investment within Malaysia, marking its first anniversary with remarkable achievements in funding emerging startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Since its inception in November 2022, Artem has been at the forefront of nurturing innovation, having invested in 12 local companies that promise to reshape the Malaysian economic landscape.

Strategic Investments and Partnerships

At the core of Artem Ventures’ success story is its strategic investment in a diverse array of companies, including prominent names like Kiddocare, du-it, MADCash, and Qwork. These investments signify Artem’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting businesses that contribute significantly to societal advancement and economic development.

Key Collaborations
  • Launch of TIM Ventures: In collaboration with FWD, a leading pan-Asian life insurer, Artem Ventures unveiled TIM Ventures, a venture capital fund valued at US$9.6 million (RM45 million). This initiative aims to empower startups in the insurtech and Islamic fintech sectors, emphasizing financial inclusion for underserved communities in Malaysia.
  • Google’s Startups for Sustainable Development: This partnership aligns Artem with impact-focused startups, promoting sustainable development across Malaysia’s various communities, highlighting Artem’s dedication to positive societal impact.
Investment Highlights
  • Total Investments: Artem Ventures has proudly invested in 12 local companies since November 2022.
  • Future Goals: With plans to scale rapidly, Artem aims to support over ten new companies by Q2 2024.

Empowering the Ecosystem

Led by managing partners Ng Sai Kit and Low Zhen Hui, along with Tunku Omar Asraf, Artem Ventures is not just about financial investment. The firm is deeply committed to mentoring and coaching its portfolio companies, especially in developing their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) capabilities, implementing robust business strategies, and leveraging Artem’s extensive network for strategic talent acquisition.

Supporting Women and Social Enterprises

Tunku Omar Asraf emphasized the importance of investing in companies that bring value to the ecosystem and contribute back to society. Artem Ventures has championed women-led companies and social enterprises, focusing on community development and economic growth. This mission underscores Artem’s dedication to creating opportunities for businesses outside of urban predictability, supporting rural and nationwide communities irrespective of background or industry.

Artem’s Dual-Strategy Approach

Artem Ventures employs a dual-strategy approach, focusing not only on connecting investors with promising companies but also on enhancing entrepreneurs’ capacities to build sustainable businesses. This approach has proven effective in boosting the growth of Malaysian companies, with Artem imposing strict standards in governance and fund management while leveraging its extensive experience in the Malaysian investment landscape.

Educational Programmes

Artem’s commitment extends to the inclusion of portfolio companies in educational programmes, assisting founders in building professional networks and optimizing operations, branding, storytelling, technology, and digital adoption. This educational initiative is part of Artem’s broader commitment to fostering awareness, adoption, and opportunities in ESG investing.

A Table of Artem Ventures’ Investments in 2022
CompanySectorFocus Area
KiddocareCare IndustryTechnology-Driven Care Services
MADCashFintechFinancial Solutions
QworkGig EconomyWorkforce Solutions
Highlights of Artem’s Contributions
  • Empowerment of Women-Led Businesses: Artem’s strategic focus on empowering women-led businesses aligns seamlessly with its mission to redefine industries through technology.
  • Support for Social Enterprises: The firm has been instrumental in supporting social enterprises dedicated to community development and economic growth in Malaysia.
  • Enhancement of Entrepreneurial Capacities: Through its dual-strategy approach, Artem Ventures has significantly contributed to enhancing the capacities and capabilities of entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses.

Looking Forward

Artem Ventures stands at the cusp of expanding its impact, with a bullish view on Malaysia’s innovation and startup ecosystem. Backed by robust government initiatives like Dana Impak and Cradle Fund, as well as enticing policies for corporate investment in Venture Capital Funds, Artem is poised for growth. With its deep dive into the fintech space, Artem now aims to broaden its horizon, embracing an environment, social, and governance investment approach to ensure a holistic contribution to progress and sustainability.

For more information on Artem Ventures, its portfolio companies, and its partnership with FWD, please visit or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Artem Ventures not only marks a significant milestone in Malaysia’s venture capital landscape but also sets the foundation for a future where innovation, sustainability, and societal growth go hand in hand.

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