Bidnow, pitchIN, and Gambit Join Forces to Boost Investor Knowledge in Digital Assets 2024

ByYasmeeta Oon

Feb 1, 2024

In a remarkable collaborative effort, three key players in the digital asset industry – Bidnow, pitchIN, and Gambit Custody – have come together to educate the public on the nuances of Token Crowdfunding, digital asset investments, and the importance of secure storage of digital assets. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the digital asset ecosystem in Malaysia.

The Essence of Collaboration

Bidnow, a leading online auction platform, is set to take a pivotal role in Malaysia’s digital asset ecosystem, thanks in part to its upcoming token fundraising on the pitchIN platform. pitchIN is a registered Recognised Market Operator (RMO) with the Securities Commission Malaysia, specializing in Token Crowdfunding, also known as Initial Exchange Offering. Gambit Custody, specializing in digital asset custody, completes this triumvirate, bringing in critical expertise in secure digital asset storage.

Token Crowdfunding: A New Frontier for Fundraising

  • Definition and Distinction: Token crowdfunding represents a modern method for businesses to raise capital. It involves selling digital tokens to investors, which can come with various rights and features. This approach differs from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), where tokens are directly sold to investors by the project team. In TCF, a registered platform, like pitchIN, intermediates and facilitates the token sale.
  • Bidnow’s Role: As one of Malaysia’s premier online auction platforms, boasting over 20,000 active users and 8,000 real estate brokers, Bidnow is poised to be a trailblazer in this space. The company is gearing up to be the first TCF issuer in Malaysia. They plan to implement a token-based loyalty and rewards system powered by blockchain technology, enabling the use of $BID tokens for various services like membership subscriptions and transaction fees.

Educating the Masses: A Step Towards Informed Investment

Bidnow, pitchIN, and Gambit are not just collaborating for token sales but also to spread knowledge about this evolving market. They understand that an informed investor is a safe investor. To this end, they have scheduled a series of educational events.

Upcoming Events: A Gateway to Understanding Digital Assets

  • Webinars and Workshops: From 19th February to 3rd March, the trio will host a series of webinars and workshops. These sessions are designed to provide insights into the crypto market, digital assets, and the intricacies of Token Crowdfunding. The workshops, available both in-person and online, are tailored to equip potential investors with the necessary knowledge to navigate the digital asset landscape.
  • Registration Details: Interested individuals can learn more about token crowdfunding by contacting

The Importance of Regulatory Compliance

A key aspect of this collaboration is the commitment to adhere to the highest regulatory standards. This move not only establishes trust in the digital asset market but also ensures the safety and security of investor funds and information.

Table: Key Aspects of the Collaboration

Educational FocusSeries of webinars and workshops aimed at educating potential investors about digital assets and Token Crowdfunding.
PartnersBidnow (Online Auction Platform), pitchIN (Token Crowdfunding Platform), and Gambit Custody (Digital Asset Custody Platform).
Regulatory ComplianceAll parties committed to adhering to the highest regulatory standards set by the Securities Commission Malaysia.
Investor BenefitsUnderstanding of digital assets and secure investment methods. Potential use of $BID tokens for various services on Bidnow.

This collaboration is more than a business venture; it’s a commitment to foster understanding and education in the realm of digital assets. The partnership between Bidnow, pitchIN, and Gambit Custody is a testament to the evolving landscape of digital finance and the increasing importance of informed investment in the digital age.

Continuing with the focus on comprehensive understanding and ethical practices in digital asset trading, the alliance between Bidnow, pitchIN, and Gambit Custody is also set to address common misconceptions and challenges faced by both investors and issuers in the digital asset space. This educational initiative is particularly vital in a landscape often clouded by technical jargon and complex regulations.

By demystifying these aspects, the partnership aims to make digital asset investment more accessible and less daunting for the average person. This endeavor is not just about promoting their platforms but about fostering a responsible, informed, and secure digital asset community. The collaboration is, therefore, a significant step towards bridging the gap between technological advancement and public awareness, ensuring that the benefits of digital assets are realized across a broader segment of society.

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