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Beond Airline Elevates Luxury Travel with Apple Vision Pro Headsets

ByHuey Yee Ong

Feb 23, 2024
Beond Airline Elevates Luxury Travel with Apple Vision Pro Headsets

Beond Airline Elevates Luxury Travel with Apple Vision Pro Headsets

Beond has announced an unparalleled upgrade to its inflight entertainment system by offering Apple Vision Pro headsets to passengers. This novel initiative, set to launch in July 2024, positions Beond as the world’s first premium leisure airline to integrate such advanced technology, promising an exceptional travel experience from Milan, Dubai, and Bangkok directly to the Maldives.

Founded in 2022 and headquartered in the Maldives with an administrative base in Dubai, Beond currently services three exclusive routes from the archipelago. The airline, still in its nascent stage, has not extended its luxurious offerings to the United States but has quickly gained a reputation for its lavish travel experiences. Beond’s business-class-only flights feature seats that transform into beds, ensuring unparalleled comfort throughout the journey.

How is Beond Redefining Luxury Air Travel?

Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Tero Taskila, Beond has embarked on a mission to redefine the parameters of luxury air travel. The incorporation of Apple Vision Pro headsets into the flight experience is a testament to this vision, aiming to immerse passengers in a world of cinematic excellence and interactive gaming while introducing them to the breathtaking beauty of the Maldives’ resorts and activities. This strategic move not only enhances the anticipation of arriving in the Maldives but also significantly elevates the quality of in-flight entertainment, traditionally limited to conventional screens.

The selection process for passengers who will enjoy the Apple Vision Pro experience remains exclusive, targeting those who opt for the airline’s Opulence class. Despite the headsets’ limited battery life of approximately 2.5 hours, which falls short of Beond’s shortest flight duration, the airline is determined to provide this luxury, underscoring its commitment to offering an unmatched travel experience.

What Future Routes and Services Can Passengers Expect?

Beond’s fleet and services reflect its unwavering commitment to luxury:

  • Aircraft Comfort: All-lie-flat Airbus A319, ensuring that every journey is as comfortable as possible with seats arranged in a 2-2 configuration in the business class cabin.
  • Design Aesthetics: The aircraft boasts a sleek design with light gray and gold trimmings, embodying the essence of luxury travel.
  • Current Routes: Successfully launched flights from Munich (MUC), Zurich (ZRH), and Riyadh (RUH) to Malé, showcasing Beond’s strategic route planning.
  • Future Expansion: Ambitious plans to introduce services to Milan (MXP), Dubai (DWC), and Bangkok (BKK), further expanding Beond’s luxurious reach.
  • Investment and Growth: A successful $13 million funding round in December facilitated the acquisition of a second aircraft, signaling robust growth and expansion plans.
  • Competitive Fares: With ticket fares starting at around $3,000, Beond positions itself competitively within the luxury travel market, offering value that transcends mere transportation.

The Apple Vision Pro itself, despite its high price tag and mixed reviews, aligns perfectly with Beond’s clientele, typically consisting of travelers with significant discretionary income. Apple’s innovative headset offers over 1,000 native apps, standing out in the competitive market for its superior movie and show viewing capabilities, making it an ideal match for Beond’s vision.

Strategic Partnerships and Enhanced Destination Experience

Moreover, Beond’s strategic partnerships in the Maldives aim to produce exclusive footage, enhancing the destination experience even before arrival. This holistic approach to luxury travel ensures that the journey with Beond is memorable, immersive, and sets a new standard in the airline industry.

In conclusion, Beond’s introduction of the Apple Vision Pro headsets is more than an upgrade; it’s a revolutionary step in in-flight entertainment, offering luxury and innovation at 30,000 feet. As the airline continues to expand its routes and fleet, its commitment to providing a premium travel experience remains unwavering, promising passengers a journey as breathtaking as the destination itself.

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