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Bfree, a Nigerian tech startup that promotes ethical debt recovery, secures $3M in funding

ByYasmeeta Oon

Mar 2, 2024

Bfree, a Nigerian tech startup that promotes ethical debt recovery, secures $3M in funding

In the bustling tech landscape of Nigeria, Bfree stands out as a beacon of innovation and ethical practice in the debt collection industry. Founded with the vision to revamp the age-old debt recovery process, Bfree has introduced a humane and technology-driven approach to an industry often criticized for its aggressive and intrusive methods. This article delves into the journey of Bfree, its innovative solutions, and its strategic plans for reshaping debt collection across Africa.

The Genesis of Bfree

The inception of Bfree was triggered by the founders’ firsthand observations of the detrimental effects of harsh debt recovery tactics employed by digital lenders. Witnessing the negative impact of practices such as incessant calling and debt-shaming on borrowers, the founders were propelled to establish a startup that would offer an ethical alternative. In 2020, Bfree emerged as a tech-enabled debt collection startup, dedicated to automating and refining the debt recovery process through ethical practices.

Innovative Debt Recovery Solutions

Since its launch, Bfree has been at the forefront of introducing scalable and humane debt recovery methods. Among its notable innovations are:

  • A Self-Service Platform: This platform empowers borrowers to take control of their debt repayment by allowing them to set up new payment plans tailored to their financial capacity.
  • Conversational AI Tools: Bfree has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence through chatbots and callbots, which facilitate a more humane after-sales service. These tools are designed to act on behavioral and financial data, ensuring a respectful and personalized approach to debt recovery.

Expanding Customer Base and Strategic Funding

Bfree’s customer base has significantly expanded to include major banks in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. This growth is supported by a fresh funding of $2.95 million in a round led by Capria Ventures, bringing its total raised funds to $6.5 million. This investment will fuel Bfree’s continued expansion and enhancement of its services.

Funding Overview

Funding RoundAmount RaisedLeading InvestorTotal Funding to Date
Latest Round$2.95 millionCapria Ventures$6.5 million
Previous Round$1.1 millionUndisclosedIncluded in total

A Focus on Banks and Financial Institutions

Julian Flosbach, CEO and co-founder, emphasizes the strategic shift towards serving banks and financial institutions, which now constitute up to 70% of Bfree’s revenue. This focus is attributed to the substantial loan portfolios of banks compared to digital lenders, offering a more sustainable revenue model for Bfree. Despite this focus, Bfree has maintained its innovative edge by automating 92% of its customer interactions and introducing a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Workflow, for loan collection management.

Bfree’s Market Impact and Future Plans

  • Automated Interactions: Bfree reports that 92% of its customer interactions are fully automated, showcasing its commitment to leveraging technology for efficient debt recovery.
  • Loan Collection Management SaaS: The launch of Workflow targets companies with in-house collection teams, offering them a robust tool for managing debt recovery processes.
  • Secondary Market for Loans: Bfree is pioneering the creation of a secondary debt market in Africa, aiming to allow investors to buy non-performing loans from banks, thus providing a novel solution for debt management and investment diversification.

Bullets of Innovation and Strategy

  • Ethical Debt Recovery: Introduction of humane, AI-driven tools for respectful and personalized debt collection.
  • Strategic Focus: Pivot towards serving banks and financial institutions, recognizing the larger loan portfolios and revenue potential.
  • Secondary Market Creation: Innovative approach to manage non-performing loans, providing banks a way to offload risk and investors a new avenue for investment.

Looking Ahead: Bfree’s Vision for the Future

Bfree’s journey from a startup aimed at reforming debt collection to a leader in ethical and tech-enabled credit recovery in Africa is a testament to its innovative approach and strategic foresight. As the company plans to scale its operations and introduce new solutions, the following key points outline its future direction:

  • Scaling Operations: Bfree aims to continue its expansion across Africa, focusing on its key markets in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, while adapting to the unique market dynamics of each country.
  • Innovative Solutions: The development of an analytics solution for banks to gain insights into secondary debt markets highlights Bfree’s commitment to innovation.
  • Ethical and Efficient Debt Recovery: Maintaining its ethos of ethical debt collection, Bfree is set to redefine the industry standards across the continent.

Bfree’s journey illustrates the transformative potential of ethical practices and technological innovation in the traditionally contentious field of debt collection. By prioritizing respectful borrower interactions and leveraging AI and data analytics, Bfree is not just recovering debts but is also restoring dignity in the process. With strategic funding and a focus on scalable solutions, Bfree is poised to lead the charge in revolutionizing debt recovery in Africa, making it a model for ethical and efficient credit management worldwide.

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