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Nothing Introduces Co-Creation Initiative: The Community Edition Project

ByHuey Yee Ong

Mar 22, 2024
Nothing Introduces Co-Creation Initiative: The Community Edition Project

Nothing Introduces Co-Creation Initiative: The Community Edition Project

London-based technology company Nothing has unveiled a pioneering initiative called The Community Edition Project, heralding a new era of collaborative creation in the smartphone industry. Through this unprecedented endeavor, Nothing invites its community members to participate in designing, packaging, customizing, and ultimately launching a new variant of its Phone 2(a) model.

Credits: Nothing

Nothing’s CEO and Co-founder, Carl Pei, expressed enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing its goal of erasing boundaries between the company and its community. He highlighted the potential for future collaborations, envisioning a symbiotic relationship where community members contribute not only to product design but also to software development.

The Community Edition Project spans six months and four stages, each focusing on a different aspect of the Phone 2(a) variant’s creation:

Stage 1 – March: Hardware Design In this stage, participants are encouraged to put forth their unique visions for the hardware design of the Phone 2(a). The winning design will be refined in collaboration with Nothing’s London-based industrial design team.

Stage 2 – May: Wallpaper Design Participants will create a series of wallpapers to complement the chosen hardware design. The winning collection will come pre-installed on the Phone 2(a) Community Edition.

Stage 3 – June: Packaging Design This stage challenges participants to craft a distinctive unboxing experience that reflects the hardware and wallpaper designs from previous stages.

Stage 4 – July: Marketing Campaign Participants will submit creative proposals for marketing the Phone 2(a) Community Edition. With guidance from Nothing’s Brand & Creative team, community members will develop a visual identity and promotional assets.

The Community Edition Project welcomes contributions from all skill levels and encourages participants to select the category that best aligns with their abilities. Detailed guidelines and submission instructions will be provided for each stage, ensuring a transparent and inclusive process.

Upon the conclusion of each stage, community members will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite entries. An internal panel of experts at Nothing will then evaluate the submissions and select a winner for each category.

The culmination of The Community Edition Project will be a showcase event in London, where the four category winners will join the Nothing team to launch the Phone 2(a) Community Edition. This event marks the official release of the product to the public.

For those eager to participate, submissions for Stage 1 – Hardware Design will open to all on March 26, 2024. Additionally, a launch video detailing The Community Edition Project is available on Nothing’s YouTube channel.

Interested individuals can find further details, submission dates, and terms and conditions on Nothing’s official website at

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