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BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF on the Verge of Surpassing Grayscale’s GBTC in Holdings

ByDayne Lee

Mar 26, 2024
BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF on the Verge of Surpassing Grayscale's GBTC in Holdings

In an unfolding narrative within the cryptocurrency investment sphere, BlackRock‘s spot Bitcoin ETF is positioned to potentially eclipse Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) in total Bitcoin holdings. This development, underscored by current investment flows, signals a significant shift in institutional investment patterns and preferences in the cryptocurrency domain.

An Overview of the Competitive Landscape

As of March 22, BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF boasted 238,500 Bitcoin on its ledger, valued at approximately $15.5 billion, benefiting from an average daily inflow of around $274 million. This translates to an influx of approximately 4,120 Bitcoin into the fund each day.

Conversely, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust reported holdings of 350,252 Bitcoin, valued at $23 billion. However, GBTC has been experiencing an average daily outflow of about $277 million, equating to a daily reduction of roughly 4,140 Bitcoin over the recent fortnight.

Calculations and Projections

Based on the current trajectory of inflows and outflows, BlackRock’s ETF is projected to overtake Grayscale in Bitcoin holdings by April 11, if these trends persist. This anticipated overtaking could occur even sooner, within 10 days, should BlackRock’s inflows revert to the previous week’s daily average of 7,200 Bitcoin.

The potential for BlackRock to surpass Grayscale signifies more than just a change in the rankings of institutional Bitcoin holders. It highlights evolving investor confidence and trust in BlackRock’s ETF product over traditional Bitcoin holding mechanisms like GBTC. Notably, this shift occurs amidst significant net outflows from GBTC, marking its largest day of losses on record with $643 million exiting on March 18.

Insights from Industry Observers

Cryptocurrency analysts and enthusiasts have been closely monitoring these developments, with predictions about the timing and impact of the flip varying. Bloomberg’s Senior ETF Analyst, Eric Balchunas, expressed optimism that the outflow pressures on GBTC could alleviate within the next few weeks, potentially stabilizing the market. Moreover, speculation arises that recent outflows from GBTC could be tied to the liquidation events of major crypto firms facing bankruptcy.

This scenario underscores a broader narrative of shifting dynamics in the institutional embrace of Bitcoin. BlackRock’s potential ascendance as the top institutional holder of Bitcoin marks a milestone in cryptocurrency’s integration into traditional financial portfolios. It also reflects on the growing appeal of ETFs as vehicles for cryptocurrency investment, offering a blend of familiarity and regulatory assurance to institutional and retail investors alike.

AttributeBlackRock’s Bitcoin ETFGrayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)
Bitcoin Holdings238,500 BTC350,252 BTC
Current Value$15.5 billion$23 billion
Daily Inflow/Outflow+4,120 BTC-4,140 BTC
Projected Flip DateApril 11 (sooner with increased inflows)N/A
  • The race between BlackRock and Grayscale illuminates competitive pressures and investor preferences within the cryptocurrency investment landscape.
  • The shifting tides favoring BlackRock could signal a broader acceptance and integration of Bitcoin within institutional investment portfolios.
  • GBTC’s significant outflows raise questions about investor sentiment and the future of traditional Bitcoin investment vehicles.
  • The implications of BlackRock’s potential dominance extend beyond mere numbers, potentially influencing market trends, regulatory considerations, and the strategic approaches of cryptocurrency investment firms.

The potential for BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF to surpass Grayscale’s GBTC in total Bitcoin holdings represents a pivotal moment in the institutional adoption of cryptocurrency. This development not only reflects changing investor preferences but also indicates a maturing of the cryptocurrency market as it increasingly intersects with traditional financial mechanisms. As the landscape continues to evolve, the strategies of investment firms and the decisions of regulatory bodies will play critical roles in shaping the future of cryptocurrency investment.

Featured image credit: Varinder Singh via coingape

Dayne Lee

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