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Meta Confirms Bonus Program for Threads Content Creators

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 3, 2024
Meta Confirms Bonus Program for Threads Content Creators

Meta Confirms Bonus Program for Threads Content Creators

Meta has recently confirmed the launch of a limited-time bonus program for creators on its Threads social network, which has achieved the milestone of 150 million monthly users. This initiative is designed to boost engagement on the platform by incentivizing creators who meet certain individualized criteria.

Initially, the program is available only to invited creators in the U.S., but there are plans to expand it to other regions depending on its success.

Meta began testing this invite-only bonus program in March. Invited creators are required to have a public Threads profile and must adhere to the Instagram creator incentive terms and rules, which also apply to the bonuses on Threads. The eligibility for receiving bonuses hinges on specific performance metrics of the posts, such as the number of views and the frequency of posts.

To qualify for the bonus, a post must garner at least 2,500 views. Posts that contain copyrighted material, lack text, feature boosted views, or carry a watermark from another platform like TikTok or YouTube, or are associated with brand partnerships are not eligible for bonuses. This criteria ensures that the content on Threads remains original and engagement-driven.

Creators can monitor their earnings through the professional dashboard provided by Meta. There is a stipulation that a minimum earnings threshold must be met before a payout is issued. If this threshold is not met, no bonus payout is provided for that period; however, creators may get another chance in future bonus opportunities.

The bonus program could encourage Instagram users who have substantial followings to increase their activity on Threads. This might help transition some of their Instagram followers to Threads. Instagram is facilitating this potential shift by suggesting Threads posts within its app. The introduction of this bonus program not only incentivizes creators to engage more with Threads but also to potentially migrate their audience to the platform, thereby increasing overall activity and visibility of Threads.

While this program offers immediate financial incentives, Meta has not yet clarified any long-term plans for enabling creators to monetize their presence on Threads. The temporary nature of these monetary benefits suggests that Meta’s strategy might evolve based on the program’s initial outcomes and its impact on user engagement.

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