Google’s New Plan for Data Revamp Faces Criticism

ByMike Paul

Dec 5, 2020

The recent pandemic showed us the face of the world we had never expected to see. Things took such a turn that it became almost unrecognizable. For a year, the effects are being realized over and over. In various fields, the side effects are being seen, no matter how small or large.

Not a single place could avoid the negative impact of the worse pandemic. The smartest species on earth lost a battle due to their foolishness. A tiny virus challenged the entire mankind. Humans were forced to hide inside their houses for their safety. Life just came to a sudden pause. In short, the conditions became quite critical. A massively popular company too couldn’t save itself in a particular country. This article shall discuss Google faces UK scrutiny over new advertising data revamp.

What Exactly Happened?

As known by all, the browser is widely used throughout the world. For something so important, safety and privacy became a huge concern. There are millions of users for this browser. Thus, to keep the audience flowing going on, the developers have to maintain the customer service and interface in the best possible way.

During the pandemic, there were increased cases of privacy hack and other cybercrimes. The number of customer complaints was increasing day by day. The situation became hot and demanded urgent attention. Thus, the developers decided to bring some major changes to the data system. This would ensure better safety and privacy for the users. In short, the service provided is expected to be top-notch from now onwards.

For this reason, some critics praised the decision while some criticized the decision of new advertising data revamp. The work is expected to go on floors very soon.

Current Safety Condition

High-quality technology brings along with lots of flaws. For some, these flaws can be quite harmful. Recently, a multimillionaire businessman was cheated off a huge amount of money. This wouldn’t have been possible if there weren’t loopholes in the security systems used by his company. These loopholes have become highly dangerous since cybercriminals utilize them to cheat people.

The above-mentioned example was that of monetary loss. In some cases, the loss is on a better scale, tarnishing one’s image and reputation. The safety concerns are skyrocketing these days. Even with a good safety code, one isn’t 100% sure.

What Can Be Done for Remedy?

Until one-acts, no remedy will occur. Getting afraid and sitting back might appear an easier option, however, it isn’t the right thing to do. There are numerous laws against these criminals and they deserve nothing but punishment.

Often, people refrain from complaining to the concerned authorities, due to fear of face-loss. They fear that society shall condemn them and tarnish their name. However, Google faces UK scrutiny over new advertising data revamp. These criminals feed on your fear. Hence, the more you get afraid, the more such incidences shall increase. Thus, know about your legal rights and take the right step when needed.

Mike Paul

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