China’s space adventure to the moon- a significant space mission among top Asian countries

ByMike Paul

Dec 8, 2020

China has launched a space mission trying to collect rocks and debris from the surface of the moon. This mission has been launched by the country for the first time in 40 years. The success of the mission could venture and explore the understanding of the moon. The expedition is named after the Chinese moon Goddess- Chang’e 5. The mission can embark on a vivid establishment of the Chinese Space Program. Experts have also provided reports that the mission could also help them achieve samples from Mars.

The Chang’e 5 spacecraft blasted off to space at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday (2030 GMT Monday, 3:30 p.m. EST Monday) from the Wenchang space and launch center. The spacecraft was divided into the first and second phases just after few minutes of the liftoff. Within an hour, the spacecraft had left the transfer orbit of Earth and the moon. The solar panels were wide open, to provide a power source to the spacecraft. The time taken to reach the moon is expected to be three days. The entire launch sequence was carried out live by the CCTV broadcasting network. After the initial phase, the show featured an entire animation on how the spacecraft is expected to reach the moon.

The spacecraft is assigned a task to go 2 meters deep into the surface of the moon. Researchers expect to bring back around 44 pounds of rock and debris from the moon. After the 1960s and ’70s, it has been the first lunar mission, where materials are brought from the moon for further study. The lander attached with the Chang’e 5 is estimated to last up to one lunar daytime i.e. equivalent to 14 days on Earth. The spacecraft lacks multiple radioisotope heating units, lacking which it would be difficult to survive the night on the moon. The lander will control and operate all the ground operations on the moon. The samples collected by the lander shall be transferred to the spacecraft with the help of an ascender.

Various experts, technicians, and scientists have acclaimed and appreciated the design and make of the Chang’e 5. The mission itself is challenging, but researchers have shown their faith in the Chinese space program. China has marked its presence on the moon twice before starting with the Chang’e 5 space program. China is among the top three nations to send a man to the moon following the USA and Russia. The Chang’e 5 is going to pave the way for many space expeditions in a more controlled and technical manner as confirmed by the association.

China is among the very few countries that have managed to travel to Mars. However, at present, the U.S. space laws do not allow China to collaborate with NASA and the International Space Station. This motive has led China to launch its space station and work on it. This motive of China has put in a fast pace and competition among other Asian countries to achieve something remarkable in their venture in space. China has progressed effectively despite having major setbacks in Chang’e 3. However, the U.S. government has strictly denied providing any assistance or collaboration to the country in the future.

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