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Tiger Global-backed Innovaccer seeks $250M in new funding, sources report.

ByYasmeeta Oon

May 7, 2024

Tiger Global-backed Innovaccer seeks $250M in new funding, sources report.

Innovaccer, a pioneering health technology startup, is on the brink of securing a significant influx of capital as it advances discussions with investors to raise up to $250 million in a new financing round. Sources familiar with the matter revealed to TechCrunch that the negotiations are reaching an advanced stage, indicating a potential turning point for the nine-year-old company.

The deliberations surrounding this new funding round are ongoing, with discussions suggesting a valuation ranging between $2.5 billion and $3 billion for Innovaccer. While these details remain private, the implications of such a substantial investment are poised to fuel the company’s continued growth and innovation within the healthcare industry.

Innovaccer stands at the forefront of health technology innovation, leveraging its cloud-based software layer to aggregate patient data across disparate systems and care settings. By seamlessly integrating with existing electronic health record systems utilized by healthcare facilities, Innovaccer’s platform enables the comprehensive unification and analysis of patient data, empowering healthcare providers with invaluable insights into their patients’ health status.

The slow adoption of technology within the healthcare industry has long been a challenge, but Innovaccer’s revolutionary approach aims to address this issue head-on. By harnessing the power of cloud technology and architecture, the company endeavors to drive efficiencies and accelerate growth, ultimately transforming the healthcare landscape for the better.

Innovaccer’s exceptional value proposition has not gone unnoticed by investors, with a notable roster of backers including Tiger Global, Mubadala, Lightspeed, Dragoneer, Microsoft’s M12 fund, and Steadview Capital. This diverse group of investors underscores the widespread confidence in Innovaccer’s vision and potential for long-term success.

In its most recent funding round disclosed at the end of 2021, Innovaccer achieved a valuation of $3.2 billion, signaling the market’s recognition of its transformative impact. With over $375 million raised to date, the company has demonstrated its ability to attract substantial investment and solidify its position as a leader in the health tech space.

In addition to primary funding discussions, Innovaccer is also exploring secondary transactions, wherein existing backers, employees, or founders may directly sell their shares to other investors. These transactions, while not as widely publicized, serve as a testament to the company’s growing valuation and the confidence of its stakeholders in its long-term prospects.

One noteworthy participant in the funding round is health system Kaiser Permanente, further underscoring the strategic importance of Innovaccer’s platform within the healthcare ecosystem. Kaiser Permanente’s deepened partnership with Innovaccer signals a commitment to enhancing value-based care services and leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive positive patient outcomes.

According to its website, Innovaccer has already made significant strides in transforming healthcare delivery, having unified over 54 million patient records and served 96,000 clinicians. These achievements highlight the tangible benefits of the company’s platform, which has helped save more than $1.5 billion for its customers.

With an annual recurring revenue (ARR) nearing $140 million as of December, Innovaccer’s subscription-based business model continues to gain traction, offering a range of services tailored to the needs of healthcare providers. From core data management to CRM, virtual care, and remote patient monitoring, Innovaccer’s comprehensive platform addresses the myriad challenges facing the traditional healthcare system.

As Innovaccer navigates the complexities of securing additional funding and expanding its market presence, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and driving positive change within the healthcare industry. With a robust pipeline of products and services, coupled with strategic partnerships and investor support, Innovaccer is poised to redefine the future of healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes on a global scale.

Innovaccer’s Key Metrics
Patient Records UnifiedOver 54 million
Clinicians Served96,000
Savings GeneratedMore than $1.5 billion
ARR (as of December)Nearly $140 million
Key Points:
  • Innovaccer’s innovative platform aggregates patient data across systems and care settings, providing healthcare providers with comprehensive insights.
  • The company is in advanced talks with investors to raise up to $250 million, with a proposed valuation between $2.5 billion and $3 billion.
  • Secondary transactions are also underway, indicating strong investor confidence and a growing valuation for Innovaccer.
  • Strategic partnerships, including a deepened collaboration with Kaiser Permanente, underscore the company’s significance within the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Innovaccer’s achievements, including unifying over 54 million patient records and saving more than $1.5 billion, highlight the tangible impact of its platform.
  • With a subscription-based business model and a diverse range of services, Innovaccer is well-positioned for continued growth and innovation in the healthcare industry.

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