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Bionic Bird Unveils X-Fly: The Next Frontier in Ornithopter Technology.

ByYasmeeta Oon

May 8, 2024

Bionic Bird, the leader in biomimetic flight innovations, recently announced the launch of its flying creature X-Fly. This groundbreaking development in ornithopter technology promises to make the dream of mimicking bird flight accessible to everyone. Spearheaded by Edwin VAN RUYMBEKE, a pioneer in aeronautical engineering, X-Fly is set to revolutionize the field with its latest enhancements.

Overcoming Historical Hurdles

For centuries, the complexity of replicating the flapping motion of birds has been a significant barrier. Traditional ornithopters required a deep understanding of aerodynamics, mechanics, and control systems, making them a niche interest for enthusiasts and experts. However, these barriers have also stifled broader public adoption and enjoyment.

X-Fly: Bridging the Gap

X-Fly introduces pioneering technology to overcome these challenges. At the core of its innovation lies the development of specialized G-sensors and gyroscopes, which are engineered to be insensitive to wing-beat vibrations. The cutting-edge sensor technology is a result of extensive R&D with top experts and institutions, including the French army. This development not only improves user experience with more stable and controllable flight but also represents a crucial step toward the future of automated flight. 

The X-Fly Advantage: Accessibility and Enjoyment

X-Fly is not just about technology; it’s about the experience. With its innovative sensor technology and piloting assistance system, X-Fly opens up the world of ornithopter flight to everyone. The intuitive interface and ease of use allow individuals, regardless of their technical skills, to experience the joy of biomimetic flight with a minimal learning curve.

“X-Fly isn’t just a device; it’s an experience,” explains Edwin VAN RUYMBEKE. “It serves as both an entertaining gadget and an educational tool, blending leisure with learning.” The design embodies VAN RUYMBEKE’s passion for integrating natural flight dynamics with advanced technology, offering a unique opportunity to explore the intricacies of science and technology.

Key Features of X-Fly:

  • A Dedicated Smartphone App: Control your X-Fly with simple swipes and tilts using Bluetooth technology.
  • A Patented X-Play Joystick: Optional tactile control for precision and haptic feedback.
  • LED Illumination Plug-In: Customize your flight experience with a selection of vibrant colors.
  • Wireless Swappable Battery System: Quick battery swaps eliminate downtime, enhancing continuous enjoyment.
  • Versatile Flight Experience: From indoor tricks to outdoor glides, X-Fly redefines recreational flying limits.

Please find the press kit here

Contact Info:
Name: Edwin Van Ruymbeke
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Organization: Bionic Bird

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