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Waymo Robotaxis Hits 50,000 Paid Trips Per Week

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 13, 2024
Waymo Robotaxis Hits 50,000 Paid Trips Per Week

Waymo Robotaxis Hits 50,000 Paid Trips Per Week

Waymo has facilitated over 50,000 paid rides weekly through its Waymo One service, operational in Phoenix, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as announced on X (formerly known as Twitter). The Alphabet-owned entity achieves this volume by managing around 300 bookings every hour, reflecting a substantial demand for their autonomous transport solutions.

Operating around the clock in designated parts of these cities, Waymo One has expanded its reach, also including limited operations in Austin where select members of the public can experience rider-only trips. The company recently celebrated surpassing one million autonomous trips across these regions, highlighting its expanding footprint and operational success.

In its public statements, Waymo attributes this growth to its cautious yet effective scaling strategy, emphasizing safety and reliability. The company’s commitment is to offer a service that caters to diverse customer needs, enhancing mobility without the traditional constraints of driving. It portrays fully autonomous ride-hailing not just as a technological innovation but as a transformative element for urban transportation, emphasizing its role in providing independence and efficiency to its users.

However, Waymo’s journey hasn’t been without challenges.

Notable incidents have marred its record, including a recent event where six Waymo vehicles obstructed traffic on a San Francisco freeway. This and other traffic disruptions have stemmed from occasional software misjudgments, such as two Waymo vehicles colliding with the same pickup truck due to an erroneous prediction of the truck’s movement. Such incidents have prompted the company to implement a software recall aimed at addressing and mitigating these issues to prevent future occurrences.

Despite these setbacks, Waymo’s consistent performance and significant ride figures position it ahead of competitors like Cruise, which has only recently resumed operations of its autonomous fleet after a break.

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