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Spotify Unveils Spotify Mix, A New Custom Font for a Visual Upgrade

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 23, 2024

Spotify Unveils Spotify Mix, A New Custom Font for a Visual Upgrade

Spotify introduces its own custom font, Spotify Mix, across its platform. Developed in collaboration with Dinamo Typefaces, this bespoke typeface replaces the previously used Circular font.

Spotify Mix is inspired by the dynamic nature of audio culture, incorporating elements from various typeface styles to create a unique, variable design that can adapt in weight, width, and slant. This flexibility allows for a more personalized and cohesive visual presentation across Spotify’s services, from playlists to marketing materials.

The launch of Spotify Mix is a notable shift in the audio streaming giant’s approach, focusing on visual aesthetics to complement the auditory experience of its users. Spotify’s global head of brand design, Rasmus Wängelin, emphasized that the new typeface is a “remix” of different styles, mirroring the evolving audio culture it aims to represent.

The design incorporates sound wave-like shapes to evoke a rhythmic feel, blending sharp angles with smooth curves to offer a distinctive and recognizable look that resonates with Spotify’s identity.

This strategic update extends to all visual aspects of Spotify, including the wordmark in the company logo and user interface elements across the app and desktop platforms, as seen on the company’s news portal.

The versatility of the variable font format plays a crucial role here, enabling easy customization without the need for multiple files. This not only simplifies the design process but also enhances creative flexibility, allowing Spotify to maintain a consistent yet adaptable branding across its varied content.

Initial rollouts of Spotify Mix will focus on Latin-based scripts and Vietnamese, with plans for a broader application over the coming weeks.

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