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Spotify Introduces AI Playlists Crafted from User Prompts

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 11, 2024
Spotify Introduces AI Playlists Crafted from User Prompts

Spotify Introduces AI Playlists Crafted from User Prompts

Spotify is elevating its playlist game with the introduction of AI-generated playlists, a feature that pushes the boundaries of personalized music curation. This newly introduced beta feature allows users to create playlists using written prompts, offering a broader scope of customization options than ever before.

Initially, the feature will be accessible to users in the U.K. and Australia on both Android and iOS devices, with further refinements and enhancements planned in the coming months.

The AI playlist feature empowers users to experiment with a variety of prompts, ranging from whimsical ideas like “songs to serenade my cat” to more adventurous themes such as “beats to battle a zombie apocalypse.” This flexibility highlights the AI’s capacity to interpret a wide array of prompts, including genres, moods, artists, decades, places, and even emojis, allowing for highly tailored playlist creation. Moreover, Spotify ensures that these playlists are not just randomly assembled but are curated based on the individual’s listening history and preferences, thanks to its sophisticated personalization technology.

But the innovation doesn’t stop at playlist creation. Users can further refine their playlists through feedback, using commands like “less upbeat” or “more pop,” and have the option to remove specific tracks by swiping left on them. This iterative process is powered by Spotify’s use of large language models (LLMs) to grasp the user’s intent and then apply its personalization algorithms to craft a playlist that resonates with the user’s tastes.

Spotify’s journey towards integrating AI into its services was hinted at back in October 2023 when TechCrunch reported on the discovery by reverse engineers of code in the Spotify app related to AI-driven playlists. Although initially tight-lipped about these features, Spotify later confirmed their development following a TikTok video that showcased the AI playlist creation process, likening it to interacting with “Spotify’s ChatGPT.”

Accessing this feature is straightforward. Users can find it under the “Your Library” tab within the Spotify app, signified by a plus icon.

An infographic detailing the steps to access Spotify's AI playlist.
An infographic detailing the steps to access Spotify’s AI playlist. (Image Credits: Spotify)

Alongside options to create standard playlists or engage in Blend collaborations with friends, the AI Playlist option stands out as a testament to Spotify’s commitment to innovation. The app even offers prompt suggestions for those seeking inspiration, covering a wide range of scenarios from work focus music to niche genre exploration.

In building this AI feature, Spotify has set clear boundaries to ensure it remains user-friendly and respectful, with built-in safeguards against offensive prompts or those tied to current events or specific brands. This rollout is part of Spotify’s broader strategy to integrate AI across its platform, as seen with the global expansion of the AI DJ feature and ongoing investments in AI research and applications, including potential uses in podcast summarization and AI-generated audio ads.

The introduction of AI-generated playlists is a continuation of Spotify’s exploration into personalized music experiences. Prior to this, the company launched Niche Mixes, a precursor to AI playlists, offering personalized playlists without the depth of AI customization. As Spotify continues to explore and invest in AI technology, users can expect an ever-evolving, personalized listening experience that caters uniquely to their tastes and preferences.

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