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China’s Lenovo Continues Revenue Growth Streak, Surpassing Expectations

ByYasmeeta Oon

May 25, 2024
China's Lenovo Continues Revenue Growth Streak, Surpassing Expectations

China’s Lenovo Continues Revenue Growth Streak, Surpassing Expectations

China’s Lenovo Group reported a 9% increase in fourth-quarter revenue, reaching $13.8 billion, as the world’s largest personal computer (PC) manufacturer emerges from the COVID-19-induced demand slump. The revenue for the January-March quarter surpassed the average estimate of $13 billion from eight analysts, according to LSEG data. This marks the second consecutive quarter of revenue growth for Lenovo after experiencing five straight quarters of revenue declines.

The global PC market has shown signs of recovery, with research firm IDC reporting a 1.5% year-over-year growth in PC shipments during the first quarter of this year, totaling 59.8 million units. Lenovo maintained its leading position with a 23% market share. However, Lenovo’s total revenue for the fiscal year ending March 31 fell by 8% to $56.9 billion, slightly above analysts’ expectations of $56.19 billion.

MetricQ4 2024 (Jan-Mar)Analyst EstimateFull Year 2024
Revenue$13.8 billion$13 billion$56.9 billion
Net Profit$248 million$162 million
Service Business Unit Revenue$1.8 billion
Annual Revenue Decline8%

Lenovo’s net profit for the fourth quarter surged by 118% to $248 million, significantly exceeding analysts’ estimates of $162 million. Despite the positive quarterly performance, Lenovo’s shares fell by 1% in afternoon trading on Thursday.

Lenovo’s shares reached a nine-year peak, closing approximately 12% higher on Wednesday, following the introduction of two new AI PCs. These AI PCs are designed to efficiently run AI applications, marking a significant step forward in Lenovo’s technological advancements. According to Morgan Stanley analysts, Lenovo is expected to be the primary beneficiary of the AI PC boom in Asia. Currently, AI PCs constitute less than 5% of the market, but this figure is projected to rise to 64% by 2028.

  • Lenovo’s Q4 revenue increased by 9%, reaching $13.8 billion.
  • Net profit for the quarter soared by 118% to $248 million.
  • The global PC market saw a 1.5% growth in shipments.
  • Lenovo’s AI PCs are anticipated to drive future revenue growth.

Lenovo is actively exploring opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) while continuing to expand its non-PC business segments, including smartphones, servers, and information technology services. The company’s service business unit reported an 8.5% increase in revenue, totaling $1.8 billion for the quarter.

During an interview with Reuters, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang emphasized the potential of AI PCs to stimulate the PC replacement cycle. The company began shipping AI PCs this month, and Yang projected that by the end of the year, 10% of Lenovo’s shipped PCs would be AI PCs. By 2026, this figure could rise to 50% to 60%.

  • AI PCs currently represent less than 5% of the market.
  • AI PCs are expected to account for 64% of new PC shipments by 2028.
  • By 2028, AI PCs could generate up to 53% of Lenovo’s revenue.

While Lenovo collaborates with Microsoft on AI PCs outside China, the Chinese government heavily restricts foreign AI services, including many of Microsoft’s AI features. This restriction presents an opportunity for Chinese companies, including Lenovo, to develop and provide AI services tailored to the domestic market.

Yang noted that despite the inability to use Microsoft’s “Copilot” suite of AI features in China, Lenovo could offer Chinese customers a similar or even superior experience in some areas. This strategic focus on AI development within China highlights Lenovo’s adaptability and innovation in navigating regulatory environments.

Lenovo’s strategic focus on AI and expansion into non-PC business segments positions the company for sustained growth. The company’s ability to leverage AI technology, coupled with its strong market presence, suggests a promising future in both the global and Chinese markets. As the AI PC market grows, Lenovo is well-placed to capitalize on this emerging trend, driving both revenue and market share growth.

Lenovo’s recent performance and strategic initiatives underscore its resilience and adaptability in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. By investing in AI and diversifying its product offerings, Lenovo is poised to remain a leader in the PC industry and beyond.

Lenovo’s robust fourth-quarter performance and proactive approach to AI and non-PC businesses demonstrate its commitment to innovation and growth. As the global PC market rebounds and the AI PC segment expands, Lenovo’s strategic initiatives are likely to yield significant returns, solidifying its position as a leading technology company.

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