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YouTube Co-Founder Supports Memecoin Inspired by Platform’s First Cat Video

ByDayne Lee

May 29, 2024

YouTube Co-Founder Supports Memecoin Inspired by Platform’s First Cat Video

Steve Chen, the co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer of YouTube, has recently ventured into supporting a unique memecoin project. This project, dubbed Pajamas (PAJAMAS), draws its inspiration from one of the earliest cat videos uploaded to YouTube back in 2005, which featured Chen’s own cat.

Background of Pajamas Memecoin

Pajamas memecoin operates on the Solana blockchain and is named after Chen’s cat seen in the 2005 video, where it amusingly danced to a Nick Drake tune. Despite not initially being involved with the memecoin’s inception, Chen was drawn into the project following significant engagement from the community on social media platform X. The involvement escalated as approximately a hundred users tagged him, encouraging his participation and investment in the token.

Beyond Pajamas, Chen is actively engaged in several tech ventures, ranging from an AI-driven exchange-traded fund to investments in startups based in Taiwan. His deep dive into the Web3 sphere has unveiled a stark perspective on trust within the community. He expressed concern over the prevalent mistrust and caution advised by individuals within the sector, highlighting the challenges he faces daily from potential fraudsters.

Market Performance and Community Impact

As of the latest update, Pajamas boasts a market capitalization exceeding $20 million, with the token priced around $0.02. This memecoin is part of a broader trend of cat-themed cryptocurrencies which have captivated the attention of crypto enthusiasts and social media users alike. Similar projects like CatCoin (CAT) and Popcat (POPCAT) have also seen significant activity, demonstrating the potent mix of meme culture and cryptocurrency.

The crypto space, particularly segments revolving around meme tokens, often encounters regulatory and ethical challenges. For instance, CatCoin developers have recently threatened legal action against the BitForex exchange concerning withdrawal issues. These instances underscore the volatile and sometimes contentious nature of meme cryptocurrencies.

Challenges and Opportunities in Web3

Chen’s transition into the Web3 world sheds light on both the opportunities and inherent challenges within the industry. His experience reflects a broader narrative of pioneering tech figures navigating the complex landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, balancing innovation with caution amid a backdrop of regulatory scrutiny and market volatility.

Steve Chen’s backing of the Pajamas memecoin not only highlights the intersection of meme culture and cryptocurrency but also illustrates the evolving role of tech entrepreneurs in the burgeoning Web3 domain. As these individuals bring their expertise and resources to the table, they catalyze further innovation while grappling with the intricate dynamics of trust and security in digital asset markets.

Featured image credit: Ben Gertzfield via Flickr

Dayne Lee

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