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Alleged Mastermind Behind Celebrity Memecoin Scandals Uncovered by Crypto Detective Roxo

ByDayne Lee

May 29, 2024
Alleged Mastermind Behind Celebrity Memecoin Scandals Uncovered by Crypto Detective Roxo

Alleged Mastermind Behind Celebrity Memecoin Scandals Uncovered by Crypto Detective Roxo

In a riveting development within the cryptocurrency community, an 18-year-old X user known as Roxo, who boasts 17,100 followers, claims to have unveiled the identity of the individual orchestrating recent high-profile account compromises. These breaches involved several celebrities and led to a series of dubious memecoin promotions.

Over the weekend of May 25-26, the X accounts of celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner, rappers Soulja Boy and Rich The Kid, along with adult content creators Kazumi and Ivana Knöll, were used to promote various memecoins. Roxo alleges that these incidents were not hacks but the result of social engineering by an individual named Sahil Arora.

Sahil Arora’s Alleged Involvement

According to Roxo’s investigative posts on X, Sahil Arora manipulated the teams of these celebrities using deceptive tactics rather than direct hacking. Roxo shared images from Arora’s account showing him with Rich The Kid, which further ties him to the events. The memecoins promoted via the compromised accounts reportedly trace back to wallets controlled by Arora.

In the case of Caitlyn Jenner, Roxo suggests that the JENNER coin launch was legitimate but misled Jenner’s team. Despite initial confusion, Jenner has reiterated her commitment to the JENNER token, distancing herself from any third-party promotions.

Celebrity Responses and Reactions

Both Jenner and her manager, Sophia Hutchins, confirmed that the JENNER coin was a genuine project and that her account had not been hacked. Meanwhile, Rich The Kid addressed his followers in a video, stating his account was compromised by Arora who promoted a coin before withdrawing the funds and cutting off communication.

Roxo accuses Sahil Arora of orchestrating multiple fraudulent schemes involving influencer accounts over the past week, labeling these incidents as “influencer rugs.” Roxo’s claims have stirred significant attention and discussions within the crypto community, highlighting the ongoing vulnerabilities and manipulative tactics prevalent in the crypto space.

Wider Implications

This incident underscores the need for heightened security and awareness within the cryptocurrency and social media landscapes. It serves as a reminder of the sophistication and potential damage of social engineering attacks, prompting calls for better protective measures for high-profile accounts.

Arora reportedly hosted several Twitter Spaces to address these accusations but provided no substantial evidence or clarification regarding the alleged scams. His account was deleted shortly after these sessions, adding a layer of mystery and urgency to the unfolding drama.

The revelations brought forward by Roxo have not only spotlighted the individuals involved but also ignited a broader dialogue about trust, security, and the ethical boundaries of promotional activities in the burgeoning memecoin sector. As the community digests these developments, the emphasis on transparency and accountability in crypto endorsements remains more critical than ever.

Featured image credit: Richard Patterson via Flickr

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