The Day Of The Iphone 12 Arrive We Expect From The Great Apple Event

ByMike Paul

Oct 14, 2020

Apple celebrates its long-awaited fall event in which it is expected to finally reveal the new iPhone 12 lineup after months of rumors and delays. The time will be 10.00 in the morning, Los Angeles time (19.00 in Spanish peninsular time). Apple’s official slogan for the event, Hi, Speed (hello, speed), seems decisive proof that one of the main features of the iPhone 12 could be the support for 5G. It will be a pre-recorded event at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, whose content you can follow with live comments from the EL PAÍS website.

Last month, Apple C elected another event of similar characteristics in which it presented its new line of iPads and the Apple Watch Series 6 . These are important products for the company, but they pale in comparison to the importance of iPhones for the company’s accounts: Apple had a turnover of $ 59,685 million in the quarter that ended last July, according to accounts filed with the stock market regulator. American. The line of smartphones accounted for 44% of this turnover, compared to 22% of services (13,156 million, 11.8% of the business from Macs (7,079 million), 11.02% of iPads (6,582 million ) and 10.8% of wearables and accessories (6,450 million).

The new line of iPhones is expected to bring substantial changes. To begin with, analysts count on them to present a new design with flat edges, perhaps like the iPad Pro, or like the remembered iPhone 4 and 5. It is also planned (except for surprises) that four new models will be presented: one of 5, 4 inches (which would be a new size smaller than the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro). This model, rumors say, will be called the iPhone 12 mini. There will be another 6.1-inch mobile (which will be the standard iPhone 12), a 6.1-inch high-end model (predictably called iPhone 12 Pro) and a 6.7-inch high-end model (the iPhone 12 Pro Max). If so, this would be the largest iPhone ever released.

These four products will have OLED screens for the first time, according to the specialized website 9to5Mac . OLED screens are the highest quality on the market, since unlike LEDs or LCDs, which use the general backlight of the pixel panel, they have a light emitting diode for each pixel. Until now, only the company’s high-end models used OLED displays. Apple installed LCDs in the lowest priced terminals. These new displays will carry the brand name Super Retina XDR .

Another difference between the iPhone 12 models will be the camera: the iPhone 12 and 12 mini will opt for two lenses, while the Pro models will have three and a LiDAR like the iPad Pro. They will also have a more powerful processor, such as the A14 of 5 nanometers, the same as the new iPad Air.

The four variants of the iPhone 12 will also finally have 5G connectivity. The rumors that 9to5Mac handles suggest that there will be something called Smart Data Mode to assign 4G or 5G according to the bandwidth of the application. Thus, higher speeds will only be used when strictly necessary, which should improve battery life.

The experts also point out that Apple is developing two new wireless chargers that it could introduce along with the iPhone 12 line under the MagSafe brand. It should be remembered that in 2019 the company recalled its AirPower wireless charger before being launched on the market due to quality problems and overheating.

Other products

The presentation is usually completed with other minor releases. In this case, that role will go to a new smart speaker that will complement the 2017 HomePod. Experts are hoping for a smaller, cheaper version of the speaker to compete with Google’s Nest or Amazon’s Echo. Its size will be around eight centimeters and it will have the same design as its older brother. Its price will be below $ 100, 200 less than its older brother, and it will not arrive until November.

Apple has also been working, according to rumors, on new high-end headphones to be called the AirPods Studio. These could incorporate interchangeable parts, including ear pads and ear bands that are magnetically attached to the frame of the headphones. The headphones may also have noise cancellation, onboard Siri controls, and built-in touch controls.

The new headphones might also be able to tell which ear is which so that it can direct sound appropriately, 9to5Mac reported in May. They might also be able to tell if they are placed on the head or neck so that the music will automatically stop the music when they are removed, similar to how AirPods work. The headphones will apparently have the Apple branding instead of the Beats.

The last of the possible launches are the so-called Airtags. These are smart locators that help users locate their belongings and that connect to the mobile via bluetooth .

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