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Hon Hai to Build Advanced Computing Center on NVIDIA’s Blackwell Platform

ByYasmeeta Oon

Jun 7, 2024
Hon Hai to Build Advanced Computing Center on NVIDIA’s Blackwell Platform

Hon Hai to Build Advanced Computing Center on NVIDIA’s Blackwell Platform

Kaohsiung, TaiwanHon Hai Technology Group, widely recognized as Foxconn, is poised to dramatically expand its technological horizons with the introduction of a new advanced computing center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This strategic development was announced at the renowned Computex 2024 tech conference in Taipei, where Foxconn’s Chairman and CEO, Young Liu, took center stage to outline the future of manufacturing and artificial intelligence integration.

The centerpiece of this ambitious project is its foundation on NVIDIA’s advanced Blackwell platform, an AI-oriented computing system. The new facility will feature the powerful super-chip GB200 servers, a setup including 64 racks equipped with 4,608 GPUs, earmarked to become fully operational by 2026. This deployment marks a significant milestone in Foxconn’s commitment to embedding state-of-the-art technology into its operational framework.

Key Features of the New Computing Center:

  • Technology Platform: NVIDIA Blackwell
  • Server Configuration: 64 racks, 4,608 GPUs
  • Operational Timeline: Expected by 2026

During his speech, Liu elaborated on how the new center will leverage NVIDIA’s formidable AI technologies. The integration of NVIDIA Omniverse is set to revolutionize the creation of digital twins and foster the development of platforms for intelligent manufacturing. This includes initiatives across innovative electric vehicles and smart cities.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing: Optimization of capacity utilization through image recognition and autonomous mobile robots (AMR).
  • Electric Vehicles (EVs): Planning and production line designs for AI servers and EV assembly plants.
  • Smart Cities: Implementations in robotics and urban infrastructure enhancements.

NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, emphasized the transformative potential of this partnership, stating, “A new era of computing has dawned, fueled by the surging global demand for generative AI data centers.” He praised Foxconn’s role as a “leading supplier of NVIDIA computing and a trailblazer in applying generative AI in manufacturing and robotics.”

Foxconn’s Technological Innovations and NVIDIA’s Role
NVIDIA OmniverseReal-time 3D simulation platformDigital twins, smart city planning
NVIDIA IsaacRobotics simulation platformRobotics and automation in manufacturing
NVIDIA Blackwell PlatformAdvanced AI computing platformBase for GB200 servers and overall computing infrastructure

Foxconn’s subsidiary, Foxtron, is also making headlines with its construction of the new Qiaotou automotive manufacturing facilities. This plant aims to redefine standards as an AI-driven factory. The use of digital twin technology connected to cloud systems will facilitate a seamless integration between virtual planning and physical manufacturing processes. This initiative is particularly crucial for the production of electric buses, which are currently in high demand due to the global shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

  • Focus on Electric Buses: Catering to the rising demand for eco-friendly public transport solutions.
  • Digital Twin Technology: Bridging the gap between virtual models and physical production lines.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Utilizing cloud systems for unparalleled precision in manufacturing.

The development of this advanced computing center not only reaffirms Foxconn’s leadership in technological innovation but also enhances its capabilities in integrating complex AI solutions into various facets of its operations. With the support of NVIDIA, Foxconn is set to pioneer new frontiers in AI applications within the manufacturing sector, thereby setting a benchmark for future enterprises in the realm of intelligent industrial solutions.

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