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Humane Issues Warning on Charging Case Due to Fire Hazard

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jun 7, 2024

Humane Issues Warning on Charging Case Due to Fire Hazard

This week has been tumultuous for the tech startup Humane, following its recent product launch debacle with the Ai Pin. Adding to its challenges, Humane has issued a precautionary warning to its customers advising them to immediately stop using the company’s egg-shaped charging case. The advisory, issued via an email on Wednesday, June 5, stems from safety concerns after a single customer reported a battery malfunction.

Humane’s internal investigation into the complaint revealed that the batteries supplied for the charging cases might pose a fire hazard. The email disclosed to TechCrunch stated, “Our investigation determined that the battery supplier was no longer meeting our quality standards and that there is a potential that certain battery cells supplied by this vendor may pose a fire safety risk.”

In response, Humane has severed ties with the implicated battery supplier and is currently in the process of identifying a new vendor to ensure the continued adherence to their high quality and safety standards.

Despite the ongoing issue, Humane has clarified that the problem is isolated to the Charge Case. Other products, including the Battery Boost and Charging Pad, have not been reported to have similar issues and remain unaffected. As part of their customer consolation efforts, Humane is offering two free months of its $24 subscription service to those impacted by the charging case issue.

The timing of this incident could not be less opportune for Humane, as it coincides with reports that the company’s founders are actively seeking potential buyers, only a few months after the official product launch. This backdrop adds a layer of complexity to the company’s current predicament.

In light of these developments, Humane has not yet announced whether it will initiate a full product recall or offer refunds, but discussions on these matters are ongoing as the company assesses the extent of the issue and its impact on its user base and product line.

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