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PNK Group to Modernize Winder Factories in East Atlanta

ByEthan Lin

Jun 7, 2024
PNK Group to Modernize Winder Factories in East Atlanta

PNK Group is set to complete the modernization of its reinforced concrete and structural steel plant in Winder County, Georgia, within the next few months. The facility, which has been in operation for 60 years, will undergo significant upgrades to meet contemporary workplace standards and incorporate advanced machinery.

The modernization project involves comprehensive equipment installations and facility renovations. Acquired by PNK Group a year ago, the plant is expected to begin reinforced concrete production and increase steel element manufacturing by the end 2024.

Key upgrades include the installation of a Voeller Mixers concrete batching plant and a new metalworking line from Dutch manufacturer Voortman. This line will be integrated into an automated and conveyorized production system to improve efficiency. Additional equipment from Voortman includes a horizontal miter band sawing machine, a shot blasting machine, and a punching and shearing machine.

The plant will also see upgrades in lifting equipment, drilling, turning, and milling machinery, as well as an automated line for deck production. German formworks for reinforced concrete column production from HOWAL have been procured, and orders for beds to produce reinforced concrete elements are expected soon.

The modernization project will create numerous job opportunities for engineers, technicians, and workers. The upgraded workspace will feature improved offices, a canteen with free meals, enhanced changing rooms, showers, restrooms, and production facilities. These enhancements aim to provide a better work environment for employees.

Additionally, all engineering utilities, including ventilation, heating, and lighting systems, are being completely renewed. The roof has been repaired, and a new transformer and electrical panel equipment will be installed to enhance the plant’s electrical system reliability.

Strategically located within a complex of industrial buildings covering approximately 400,000 square feet on a 75-acre plot near the local airport, Winder Factories is a key asset for PNK Group. The structural elements produced at the plant can be transported by truck to construction sites within a 500–800-mile radius, making it a convenient hub for operations. This facility, along with PNK Group’s other plant in Bethel Township, PA, will serve as the foundation for future project kitting centers.

PNK Group is known for its advancements in industrial construction, utilizing large-unit blocks to streamline building assembly and reduce the need for extensive labor and heavy machinery.

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