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Jetpac Secures Strategic Investment from Japan’s Telecom Powerhouse KDDI Digital Life (KDL) to fuel Global Expansion

ByEthan Lin

Jun 9, 2024

Jetpac, a leading innovator in travel tech, is thrilled to announce a significant strategic investment from KDL, an affiliate of KDDI, a $60 Billion market cap global powerhouse in telecommunications. This collaboration is aimed at fuelling Jetpac’s global growth and providing extreme Travel convenience to Jetpackers all over the world! 

Unveiling the Future of Travel Connectivity with ‘Convenience and customer experience’ at its core  

Jetpac’s offering is at the forefront of travel tech, offering seamless connectivity with integrated travel convenience solutions for global travelers. With extensive telco network coverage in over 100 countries, users enjoy reliable roaming services that ensure data freedom and a bill-shock-free journey. In addition, Jetpac offers free lounge access in >1000 airport lounges, VPN services, and one-click access to local emergency hotlines for those tricky situations. This partnership with KDL not only signifies a monumental step for Jetpac but also highlights the telecommunication giant’s confidence in Jetpac’s ability to scale its solutions on a global stage.

“We are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Jetpac, which aligns perfectly with our vision of enhancing global travel connectivity. This collaboration underscores our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions, ensuring that travelers worldwide enjoy seamless and reliable connectivity. We are confident that Jetpac’s cutting-edge travel tech platform, combined with our extensive telecommunications expertise, will revolutionize the travel experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable for all” – Toshiro Akiyama (CEO/President KDDI Digital Life)

A Strategic Alliance with KDL

The collaboration between Jetpac and KDL extends beyond financial investment. This partnership not only enhances Jetpac’s offerings with the introduction of new data packs tailored for visitors to Japan, improving the travel experience for both leisure and business travelers, but it also sets the stage for future global partnerships and Go To Market alliances. Furthermore, this strategic alliance marks KDL’s strategic expansion in the Travel eSIM space, underscoring the solidarity of the Travel eSIM market and highlighting Jetpac’s expanding presence.

“We are very excited by the opportunities and possibilities that this Strategic Alliance with KDL will bring. Its also a clear testimony to Jetpac’s differentiated offering in an otherwise cluttered Travel eSIM space”- Aditya Goyal, Business Head of New Business Build in Circles

Expanding Global Networks: Validation and Trust

Jetpac’s collaboration with KDL is part of a broader network of global telecommunication partnerships that enhance its offerings. KDL investment serves as a significant endorsement of Jetpac’s differentiated approach to travel technology, reinforcing its position as a reliable provider of data roaming services. This network of partnerships guarantees that Jetpac customers enjoy superior connectivity, no matter their destination.

“As part of ongoing mission to provide true travel convenience to our customers, we continuously look for ideas and ways to value-add beyond our data roaming services. This places us in a unique position where we can progressively expand our product and having top-notch connectivity is just the beginning. ” – Pearlyn Yeo, Head of Marketing, New Business Build in Circles

Japan: A Key Market for Enhanced Travel Experiences

Recognizing Japan’s importance as a travel destination, this partnership aims to offer innovative data packs for visitors, thereby improving the overall travel experience for both leisure and business travelers. With KDL’s support, Jetpac is set to provide even more value and enhanced experiences for those visiting Japan, ensuring travelers have access to reliable, affordable, and convenient roaming services.

Jetpac and KDL are excited to embark on this journey together, pushing the boundaries of travel technology to new heights and delivering a future where travel is more connected, convenient, and enjoyable for all.

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